Mass Billing

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In this article, you will learn more about the 'Mass Billing' process. You can also utilize the video embedded below to dive right into some more insights around mass billing.




Mass billing allows you to approve and send out multiple bills at the same time. There are two ways to access the mass billing page:

  1. Click on the 'Global Create Button', and then 'Show all... ' and lastly 'Mass Bill'.
  2. On the 'Global Navigation Bar', hover over 'Billing' and select 'Mass Billing'.


The screenshot above illustrates what the mass billing page looks like. Each matter that has a client, is marked as billable, has work in progress or any disbursements to be billed, and is not excluded from mass billing is displayed on a separate row. The billing settings are inherited from each matter's billing options.


Confirming Each Bill

Unlike Single Bills, quote settings are applied to each matter without prompting the user. If any of the matters are configured to bill either the WIP or a quoted amount when they differ, these settings will be applied automatically in mass billing. Be sure to check that each matter is being billed for the correct amount. You can click on the names or matter IDs of the matters to open their respective bills and make any last-minute changes.



Mass Billing Options

These are identical to the billing options for single bills. By default, the invoice date will be set to the current date. This date is the accounts receivable date and is used to calculate the payment due date. If a fee or disbursement from the WIP falls outside of the selected Invoice date, it will be excluded from the bill.

You can use the 'invoice up to' date picker to specify the cut-off date for including fee entries and disbursements. You can also select the template to be used at this point, which can be changed on a bill-by-bill basis. You can also have different payment terms for each bill as well.




Next Steps

Once you've confirmed each bill is correct, you can click on the 'Bill all' button to push all the bills to draft, for further review. Alternatively, if you would like to leave some of the bills out of the cycle you are currently processing, you can use the checkboxes on the left to specify the bills you would like to push. You can then click on 'Bill selected' to push these bills for review.




This is what the bills look like when they are in review. At this point, there are three main options to choose from: 'Approve', 'Preview' or 'Delete'. 


ApproveThese bills will be posted to the general ledger and moved to Bill Production to be emailed/printed and sent to the client.
PreviewGenerates a print preview of the selected bills to confirm the layout and amounts on each bill.
DeleteSends all of the selected bills back to the 'Mass billing' stage.
This will not actually delete any data, it just removes the bills from the review stage.


Once you have approved the bills, you will see them under the 'Bill production' stage, as per the screenshot below.



This is the last stage of billing, and you are again able to choose from three different options: 'Produce', 'Preview', or 'Revert'.



Either print or email the bill to the respective client. The selection will be automatically based on the Matter Billing Options for the specified matter.

PreviewGenerates a print preview of the selected bills to confirm the layout and amounts on each bill.
RevertSends all of the selected bills back to the 'Draft bills' stage.


Selecting the 'Produce' option concludes the mass billing procedure.


Q. Why am I not seeing one of my matters in mass billing, there is WIP to be billed?

A. Make sure the matter is billable and the matter's billing status is set to active in matter billing options. Make sure the matter is not excluded from mass billing in the matter billing options. The matter must not have a bill in draft and must have a billable party (primary participant). 


Q. We have been single matter billing and are now switching to Mass Billing but there are a large number of invoices in the Bill Production list that have already been manually sent out to customers, so how do we remove these so we can start fresh? 

A. Unfortunately the only way to do this is to produce all the invoices however you need to make sure that you have not selected for them to go to an email address and that they are not set to print. You can then produce than all in bulk to get a clean slate to start your mass billing. 

You can do this from the bill product list screen by clicking on edit options and changing the email/print options. 




Please note that once saved these settings are saved to matter billing options against the matter so will need to be re-entered if you want the future invoices emailed/printed in mass billing. 

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