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In this article you will learn how to create and edit abbreviations.

Abbreviations are quick-type shortcuts that you can use in various screens in Actionstep. By typing the abbreviation the system will automatically expand the text when you hit the spacebar.


Understanding Abbreviations

An abbreviation has two parts to it. The first is the shortened text, what you will type to trigger the abbreviation. The second is the expanded text, what will appear once you hit space and the abbreviation has been triggered.



Abbreviation text "fyi" would expand to "for your information"

Abbreviation text "cliapp" would expand to "client appointment"

Abbreviation text "ctdate" would expand to "court date"


Adding System wide Abbreviation

WARNING: This can only be set up by a user with Administrator permissions.



  1. To add an abbreviation which will be accessible to all users, click on the Admin button (top right on your Actionstep screen).
  2. Click on the General settings tile./helpdesk/attachments/150002489202
  3. Head to the Abbreviations section.
  4. Click Add row or select an existing abbreviation from the list to edit.
  5. Click Save after making any changes./helpdesk/attachments/150002489203


Where can Abbreviations be used?

The following is a list of every field in which abbreviations can be used:

  • Scratchpad notes

  • File Notes

  • Time Entry descriptions

  • Expense/Disbursement descriptions

  • Transfer Retainer memo

  • Refund Retainer memo

  • Retainer Bill Payment memo

  • Client Receipt memo

  • Write-off memo

  • Create Credit - Reason for credit field

  • Apply Credit Note memo

  • Client refund - 

    • Check memo

    • Journal memo

  • Firm Receipt memo

  • Firm Withdrawal Journal memo

  • Supplier/Vendor Payment - 

    • Check memo

    • Journal memo


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