Customer Price Groups

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This article explains how you can set up customer price groups. A customer price group is a collection of rate labels that you may want to apply to multiple matters of a certain type. 


For example, you have private customers who have one group of rates applied to their matters like the below: 


Administration: $75 per hour

Paralegal: $150 per hour

Lawyer: $350 per hour


You also have several government contracts and for each of those matters, they have negotiated different costs from those above. 


Administration: $50 per hour

Paralegal: $100 per hour

Lawyer: $250 per hour


Your default rate labels in the system are set up for private customers however you don't want to have to set up the government rate labels every time you create a new government matter type so instead, you can create a customer price group. 


You can do this by going to Admin > Accounting> Price Groups

Click on the New Price group green button to the right of the screen or click on the name of the price group you wish to edit and then click edit to make changes




You can then enter the rates you require (the one below is from the example above)





The rate labels shown in this screen need to be set up as rate labels in the Admin > Billing > Rate Labels screen to appear here. 


Hit save when complete. 

Once this has been set up if you go to the matter billing options in a matter. Go into a matter and then click on the calculator in the menu bar and find matter billing options. 




Go to billing arrangement and select the price group you require this will then apply the government contract rates (as shown in the example) to this matter and you can use this going forward across multiple matters. 



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