Setup Printed Checks/Cheques

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This article explains how to set up a check/cheque series so that you can print checks/cheques using Actionstep. 

Only available on Practice Pro + Accounting plan.  


Your bank will typically issue you a batch of check stationery for each bank account. Each batch will have a sequence of check numbers with a start and end number. Actionstep keeps track of all the checks in each series and records which check numbers have been used, voided, or are available to be used.


Creating a check series


Go to Admin > Accounting > Check Series. In the top right of the screen click on the green create check series button. 




Understanding the 'New check series' screen


On this screen will be a series of fields required for your check series. We explain each field below. 


Title Description
Bank Account

Select the bank account associated with your check series. 

Both business and trust bank accounts can be selected from this dropdown. There is no limit to the number of check series you can have entered into Actionstep. 

Series Status

Here you can set this series to be open or closed.

When creating a printed check only the open check series will be available for the user to select from.

Normally you only have one check series open at any stage. Once you have printed the last check in a series the series will automatically be marked as closed.

Series name

Will be the check series name that appears in the Check Series dropdown. Use a name that will help your users identify the check series.

Sort Order

The sort order will dictate the order in which different check series will be displayed to the user.

If you have more than one check series open for a bank account, the check series with the lower sort order number will appear before a check series with a higher number.

First check number This should be the check number of the first check in the series issued by your bank.
Last Check Number This should be the check number of the last check in the series issued by your bank.
DocX template

Use the Choose File button to be able to upload a template that will be used to print the checks in this series. 

The template that you use for your checks will likely have to be customized to match your bank's checks. 

Template Type

Checks that are issued from a bank can come in different forms but commonly they will either be one check per page or they will have multiple checks per page. 

If your bank issued you with checks that have one per page, select 'No repeat block (1 Check per page)'. 

If your bank issued you with checks that have more than one check per page, select 'Has repeat block (many Checks per page)'.




Q. I am getting a "worker process failed" error when trying to print cheques. 

A. Always make sure that you have a cheque template associated with your cheque series. If there is no template the cheques will fail to process. 





Once you have uploaded a check template you can test the template by selecting "Preview" and printing the pdf that is produced. 

You can also download the template using the download link. 




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