Aged Receivables

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The Aged Receivables report details all outstanding invoice balances and aging information on those receivable balances. 

The report can be accessed in Reports > Accounting Reports.

WARNING: This report cannot be run by a fee earner. It can only be run by a responsible lawyer.









Period endingThe period ending date filters the report to only display invoices created before that date.
Currency*Allows the selection of a specific currency for which to run the report. Only invoices of the selected currency will be displayed. This option will only be displayed if multiple currencies are set up in the system and the Accounts Receivables system account has been designated for that currency.

*Only displayed if you have multi-currency enabled.

Layout options


Report onThe selection in this field dictates how the aging is calculated. Aging can be calculated from the Payment due date or the invoice created date. 
Period groups

The aging output on the report is determined by which Period groups are selected when the report is run. Options are as below:



The current column remains. The latter three columns use the Period group selection. This changes the aging categories to see which due amounts fall in those time spans.







DebtorYou can run this report on All debtors, or select one or more particular debtors. 
Matter Status

Gives you the folllowing option



You can choose all, one or a combination. 

Layout options

Show ParticipantThe Show participant option provides a selection of all participant types in you system.
TIP - If you would like to see attorney or lawyer associated with the matter then you could select "Attorney" or "Lawyer" here and these will display on the report.
Group by
By default, the group is grouped by the Customer/Client who is the billable party on the invoice. Using the Groupby option, the report can also show invoices grouped by the Responsible lawyer, matter type, overdue period, Matter, or the Show participant option participant type.
Responsible lawyer
Matter type
Overdue period
Show participant
Order byThe order by option determines the order the invoices are displayed in their Group by groups.

Invoice Date
Payment Due Date
Customer/Client Name
Responsible lawyer
The "Show Participant"
Trust account balances
NOTE - Trust balances will only be displayed where trust accounting has been enabled.
Unallocated payments
General Retainer
NOTE- General Retainer balances will only be displayed when general retainer has been enabled.

NOTE: The General retainer, trust, and unallocated payment balances are negative figures to offset the due amount. These balances are subtracted to show that a portion of the due funds can be paid by monies that have already been received.




Show detail

Shows the detail in relation to each outstanding balance 



Show client summary

Shows total balances outstanding by client (billing party)


Show matter summary

Shows total balances outstanding by Matter



Output settings


Option Description

On screen (HTML) 

This option displays the report results on your current screen


This option launches a print dialog from a PDF version of the report. To download as PDF, select Save as PDF in the Print > Destination dropdown on the print dialog screen.

MS Excel 

This option downloads an xlsx, MS Excel, file to your computer. This is a great option to perform further calculations in a spreadsheet format.

Save XLSX file to a matter 

After you have selected to run the report in MS Excel you can choose to save the XLSX file directly to a matter using this button. 



Save PDF file to a matter

After you have selected to run the report in PDF you can choose to save the PDF directly to a matter using this button



TIP: Sometimes the PDF viewer will display over this option on your screen, to see the option to save to a matter close the preview screen. 



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