Multiple Trust/Client Statement Generator

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This function allows you to produce trust statements for all your clients on a regular basis (ie, once a month) quickly and easily.


There are two ways to run multiple statements. 


Go to Trust > Statements > Multiple Statements 


Alternatively, if you are in the trust account menu on a matter you can get to the multiple statement generator by clicking on statements and then clicking on the link with the words "multiple statement generator". 




First Time Use

If this is the first time you are generating a Statement batch then you can exclude transactions before a certain date in the Trust Accounting Administration - Additional Settings in Trust Accounting Administration.


Additional settings can be managed in the Configuring/Editing Trust Bank Accounts which has a section dedicated to settings in relation to trust statement batches. 


Using multiple statement generator

When you enter the multiple generator screen you will see the status of any previously generated batches and have the ability to create a new batch.


Batch IDThe ID of the batch
Statement NameThe name of the batch (this is entered by the user when creating the Batch)
Statement DateThe period end of the trust statements for that batch (again, entered by the user)
StatusThe status of the batch 
Statement CountHow many statements are included in the batch 


Generating a Batch

To generate a batch click on the New Batch button in the top right-hand corner. 



You will then be presented with this screen



You will need to enter a title for the batch (this is normally to help you tell one batch from another, commonly users will use the time period as the name, eg, "July 2017") and the Statement Date. The Statement Date is the date that you would want to capture all the transactions to, the period end for the statements.



WARNING: The bulk statement generator will use the statement date of the last batch and the date you enter here as the statement date and will include the transactions between these time periods. 


If it is your first batch then the bulk statement generator will use the date entered in the Trust Accounting Administration - Additional Settings and then use the settings as above for any future batches. 


Click on Generate Batch - Green button. 



You will then need to wait while the trust statements are being generated. 


Once generated you will be presented with a screen showing all the statements that have been generated. 



The following options can be found in the top bar:- 


Email Unsentto send any statements via email automatically using the email template. This will send all at once. 
Download Unsentif you are going to be mailing the statements you can download them for printing instead
Download All to download all statements, not just those that you have not yet sent. 
Delete Batch

If you have made a mistake you can delete the batch from here. 


TIP: Remember if you have generated a batch in error and not sent the trust statements to your clients the next batch will not include the transactions from this period so you must delete this batch before proceeding with any future batches. 




WARNING: The batch will remain pending until the trust statements have been emailed. Once emailed the status of the batch will appear as generated and it CAN NOT be deleted.  



Q. I have multiple clients on my matter will they all be sent a trust statement?

A. Yes, the trust statement will automatically be sent to all clients who have a valid email address. 


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