Administrative functions around Deposit Slips

Multiple Deposit Slips

You can enable multiple Deposit Slips for your database, but please be careful doing this. This is a function that we only introduce for firms that have more than one office or branch. Most trust regulations do not allow you to have more than one deposit slip open for a trust account at a time. See Trust Accounting Administration - Additional Settings for more details.

Deposit Slip Templates

If you do not wish to use the Actionstep Deposit Slip template that your system comes with, you can create your own. See Configuring/Editing Trust Bank Accounts for more details. 



Q. I don't use trust deposit slips can I disable this feature so I don't have to close it off every day to receive new funds?

A. Unfortunately, no you are not able to switch off the trust deposit slip feature. You will have to close off the trust deposit slip daily when you have received cash/cheque or change the date so that you can receive new cash/cheques. Please lodge a feature request with support if you would prefer the ability to turn this feature off.