Getting Started with Actionstep Payments

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Actionstep Payments is Actionstep's built-in credit card and bank transfer processing tool allowing your clients to pay you using their credit card or bank account, meaning you get paid faster and cut down on your billing data entry. 


How it works

Once enabled for your Actionstep, any invoice that you and your staff create will have a "Pay Now" button added to it, as will the email that sends that invoice. As they review the invoice, your clients will be able to click on that link and be directed to a page where they can enter their payment details to pay you.




Users will also be able to enter details about the retainer that they want to collect for the matter and the retainer will also be available on the payment page for the user to pay. 

When a client pays through Actionstep Payments, Actionstep will mark that invoice as paid in your system. As soon as the funds have cleared, we will automatically deposit the money into your bank account and create all the accounting transactions for the deposit and the online payment fees.

For more details, see Understanding the accounting transaction created by payments to your trust account and Understanding the Accounting Transactions created by Payments to your operating/business account


The following are known limitations while Actionstep Payments that will be addressed in future development. 

  • Accounting transactions for the deposit of trust transactions will NOT be created automatically. 
  • Trust retainer items will appear on your client's payment page until a trust receipt is created for that payment. You will receive an email notification when someone has deposited funds into their trust account however this transfer can take 1-2 days so you will not be able to manually enter the trust deposit in Actionstep until those funds have cleared and appear in your bank transactions. During this time this deposit won't appear on trust statements, if the customer accesses the payment link again the request for trust funds will still appear. 
  • All credit card fees are payable by the law firm, there is no function to charge them onto the client. 
  • The invoice payments created by Actionstep Payments will push through to an integrated Xero or QuickBooks Online account but the accounting transactions created for the deposit of funds into the bank account and the withdrawal of fees from the bank account will not flow through to QuickBooks Online or Xero if your system is integrated with them.
  • Refunds can be processed but any payment records in Actionstep will have to be reversed separately.


What it costs

Actionstep Payments has a simple price structure. There will be no setup cost and no monthly subscription costs. Only costs associated with the credit card transactions themselves.

Payment related fees


Credit Card approval fee$0.25 per transaction
Credit card processing fee3.25% of the total amount paid
Monthly Fee$25 per month

Note that there can be additional charges for the processing of credit card disputes. See Understanding Credit Card Disputes for more information.


Setting up Actionstep Payments

Actionstep have a dedicated Payments team who will guide you through the setup of your Actionstep payments. Click here to reach have our team reach out to you to organise a demo, answer any questions or set you up.

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