Working with the Matter View Page

Modified on Fri, 10 May 2024 at 11:21 AM

The Matter View page offers a consolidated, chronological view of matter activities and documents, which allows you to quickly locate specific documents, emails, notes, phone calls, or SMS messages. This provides better visibility into the most recent developments within any matter in Actionstep. As you work with specific items in the list, you can preview them and perform additional actions (like print, email, and edit—just to name a few).

Before you begin:

  • This feature is under a feature flag which is automatically enabled. To review this setting, an admin can go to Admin > General settings > Feature preview > Matter View.
  • If the Matter View functionality has been enabled, it will be available to all system users by default. To change this, an admin can go to Admin > Users & Permissions > Menu Permissions (right hand side of screen) > Action Details Menu and select/clear Matter View to enable/disable it for that system role. 

To work with the Matter View page:

  1. In Actionstep, view a specific matter. (See Editing a Matter for help.)
  2. Click the View icon.
  3. Click one of the file type filters above the file list to view just that type of file. (Please note that depending on the size of your browser window, these options may be condensed into a Types drop-down list.)
  4. Click the Filter icon to refine the list of files by contact information or by modification dates.
  5. Click the Sort icon to sort the items in the list by Name, Last modified, and Modified by
  6. Preview a specific item in the list by clicking its name.
  7. Perform additional tasks on specific files by choosing from the following options:
    • Right-click on a file in the list and choose one of the options from the shortcut menu that appears. 
    • While previewing the file, use the toolbar to perform a specific action. Your options change depending on the type of file you're previewing.

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