Tips for Using Actionstep Accounting

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Actionstep Accounting has an extremely rich feature set which is beyond the requirements most of our clients would use. There are many ways to do most things - this enables strict permission set capabilities.

We understand that all companies have a different process they would like to follow, and all users work in a different manner. You will in time find the best fit for your needs and users, here are some pointers to get you going.

Work Smart

Below are some Tips for using Accounting

Document Uploading

The ability to upload a document against an accounting transaction is a highly valuable feature of Actionstep. We recommend using Actionstep with dual screens to unleash the full potential.

Encourage your suppliers to send their invoices via email and enter off the PDF. Simply upload the PDF to the transaction. Never again will you need to dig around in a file in order for you manager to authorize a bank batch - he can just look at the invoice if he has any questions (as can the external accountant).

Bank statements can be uploaded against the reconciliation for proof of transactions.

Email Templates

Configure set text to accompany invoices and statements. Remember anything you say more than once - Actionstep can be trained to say for you.

Document Merge Fields

Configure your Sales Invoices (Client Bills) to pick up any information from the Action.

The Action Name & Number, a specially built field with the scope, a narration regarding the description of the matter. All merge fields which can be used in a Document template for your workflow type can be merged into the Invoice.

Template, Template, Template

We just can't stress it enough, all accounting transactions can have a Template - this saves time and inaccuracy when entering.

Contact Sharing

Actionstep does not work on the model where for each role a contact fills, it needs a new record.

Your contact could be both a client and a supplier - no need to enter them twice.

Duplicate check is performed by the system every time a contact is added.

Easy Searching

Our searching allows you to search and account code either by name or number.

No need to have an accounts list beside you while entering accounting transactions.

Addition within a cell

When you need to calculate the value of a line item on the fly while entering - simply perform the calculation in the cell

and hit enter for the result

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