Understanding the Workflow Steps in a Matter

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Actionstep allows you to build custom workflows for each matter type. This workflow consists of individual steps which must be completed as you work on a matter from start to finish. You can view these workflow steps in the workflow ribbon, which is located along the top of every matter. What steps are included depends on the matter type.  You can also view a detailed history of the workflow.

The Workflow Ribbon

The workflow ribbon shows each step that must be completed. Each step is uniquely colored to help you distinguish between them more easily.

  • To access the workflow ribbon, edit a matter and view the ribbon displayed above the menu icons. 

A. Previously completed steps: These are steps you've already completed. They are ordered chronologically. You can hover over a step to view the details of when it was marked completed and by who. 

B. Current step: Shows where you are in the matter's workflow as of right now. 


C. Next step: Shows the next sequential step in the workflow. You can click this step to close the current step and move to the next one. 

D. Future steps: These steps are those you will most likely use in the future, depending on how your workflow is set up and how the matter progresses. 

NOTE: An admin can configure a matter type workflow so that for certain steps, there are two or more choices for how you move forward on the matter. This is represented by a numbered box on a workflow step, which shows how many potential choices you have for moving forward. For example, after a first meeting with a client, you may choose to not move forward with the matter. If this is a possibility, you can include a jump step that closes the workflow and the matter. 

Workflow History

The Workflow History (available on the Steps page within a matter) shows the steps that have been completed for a matter and any available steps needed to close the matter.

  • To access the workflow history, edit a matter and click the Steps menu icon.

A. The Workflow History section shows the previous steps of the matter that have been completed. The previous steps are lighter green while the current step is darker green. You can move the matter back to one of the previous steps by clicking that step and then clicking Change Step on the page that appears.

B. The Change Step section shows all future steps you can complete. Click any of these to move to that step. 

C. The Step Tree section gives you an idea of where on the step tree you are and what steps to take to get to the step you want. 

NOTE:  An admin can hide the Step Tree section by going to Admin > General Settings. In the Matter types section, toggle Show step tree to off.



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