Why is Support Requesting to Download My System?

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As an Actionstep user, you may have encountered a situation where a Support analyst requests permission to download a copy of your Actionstep system. This is a common practice that allows Support to investigate and troubleshoot the issue in a safe and isolated environment without interfering with your live data. 

This article answers common questions about why Support may make this request, how it does not affect your live data, how Support uses the system copy, what happens when Support is done investigating, and what to expect if you decline permission for Support to download a copy of your system.

Read on to learn more about this process and how it can help resolve your Support requests more efficiently.

Why is Support Requesting to Download My System?

By downloading a copy of your Actionstep system, Support Analysts can recreate the issue you're experiencing in a secure testing environment. This allows them to investigate and troubleshoot the problem without impacting your live data. Additionally, it helps to minimize back-and-forth, as they can independently obtain the information they need to resolve the issue faster.

What Does It Mean To "Download A copy" of My System?

Downloading a copy of your system means that Support Analysts create a replica of your Actionstep system in a testing environment. This copy includes a snapshot of your data at the time of the download and allows Support to troubleshoot the issue without impacting your live system. 

Please note that if Actionstep support downloads a copy of your system, they will have access to your Actionstep system and all screens that are accessible through the interface. However, it's important to remember that files in your matter documents and document templates of any kind are not included in the system copy download. If you experience an issue with a document or template, Support may request that file to troubleshoot in the copied system. 

What if I Decline?

If you are uncomfortable sharing a copy of your database, you can let the Support analyst know and they may be able to suggest alternative ways of resolving the issue. If more information is necessary to address the issue, the Support Analyst will request that information. This may slow the troubleshooting & resolution of your issue.

What Authority Do I Need to Grant Permission?

Some Actionstep users are marked in Actionstep as having account/subscription authority. Only these users can grant permission to download a copy of their system. Support Analysts can confirm if the requesting user has authority. 

   To see which users in your system have account authority, users with Admin access can go to Admin > Users & Permissions.

What If I Do Not Have Authority to Grant Permission?

If you do not have authority, Support will require a message from a user in your Actionstep system that has authority. For your security, there can be no exceptions. 

NOTE: Authority is solely determined by the "Allow this user to alter your subscription data?" setting found when creating or editing users.

How Does This Affect My Live System?

Downloading a copy of your Actionstep system does not affect your live system in any way whatsoever; they remain separate and distinct entities.

How Does Support Use the Copy of My System? 

Support uses the copy of your system to troubleshoot and investigate the issues or problems that you have reported. By having a copy of your database, they can test various scenarios and configurations to identify the root cause of the problem and find the best possible solution.

Support analysts may use specialized tools and software to analyze the data in the database copy and look for any errors or inconsistencies. They may also compare the copy of your system with their test environment or other systems to identify any differences or anomalies that could be causing the issue.

It's important to note that Support will not access or use your live data during this process. The copy of your database is used only for testing and diagnostic purposes.

What Happens When They Are Finished?

As soon as your issue has been resolved, the copy of your system is completely deleted from the testing environment. Nothing is preserved for any purpose. Any further issues that require a copy of your system will require new permission.

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