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Modified on Tue, 9 May, 2023 at 10:05 AM

Actionstep has a SQL Data export tool that can be used to download a simplified schema containing views of the data that would be most useful for business intelligence purposes. The simplified schema and data can be securely downloaded as a SQL file in Microsoft SQL-Server, Azure SQL, or PostgreSQL formats. These files can be run against local or hosted database servers managed by the client, or their Actionstep certified consultant. 

How It Works

To activate the service a user with account authority should contact Actionstep support and ask them to install the custom reporting plugin. Once installed you will see a new menu item under Admin > Integrations, and this is where you can specify which database format to use and set a password to protect the download file. The file will be generated after the nightly backup process has run and you will find a download link on this page once it has been completed. The file will be refreshed every 24 hours with new data.

The Download link will change each time you update the page.

Once downloaded you (or you certified consultant) can refresh the local copy of the data by executing the SQL file in your database server. The file will automatically drop and recreate any required database tables.

Using the Exporter

Go to Admin>Integrations>Reporting Data Exporter

You will be prompted to select an SQL format and designate a password to be used on the ZIP file that the exporter produces. Once you have done this select "Save". 

File Contents

The download file will consist of table drop/create statements and commands to load the data into the tables. Currently, the following tables are included in the extract (more may be added if needed)


Database Tables 

Data Extract Contains the Following data


The data extract process consumes additional system resources (and cost) for processing power, data storage, and download bandwidth. This service is therefore offered an optional extra and will be added to clients’ monthly bills from Actionstep.  The cost is $99/£99 per firm (not per user) per month.


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