Using the Merge Field Test Tool

Modified on Tue, 4 Jun at 2:51 PM

You can use the Merge Field Test Tool to verify that merge fields you're using are merging the correct information. 

To do this:

  1. In Actionstep, go to Admin > Document Assembly. The Document Assembly page appears.
  2. On the right side of the page, click Merge field test tool. The Merge Field Test Tool page appears.
  3. Click the Template type drop-down and choose the type of template you want to test. The option you select here determines what other fields are available.
  4. Complete any template-specific fields based on the template type you selected. 
  5. Click the [Type of] ID drop-down list and choose the ID for the type of data you want to merge. For example, if you want to test merge fields for a check, enter the Check ID.
    NOTE:  Make sure you select the correct ID  for the type of data you are attempting to merge. Otherwise, you might pull the wrong information and your test will not produce the kind of results you're expecting.
  6.  Click the Source drop-down list to choose whether you want to test the merge field as it would appear in an Actionstep field (Text box), an existing template (Document template), or a new document file you want to upload for testing (Uploaded DOCX file). 
  7. Based on your selection in Step 5, complete any additional fields related to the source. 
  8. In the Merge Text field, enter the merge field, including any options you want applied. Surround the merge field between double square brackets [[ ]].
  9. Once you've entered your merge field code, click Generate Output. Actionstep attempts to process the merge field and show you the data you are requesting in the Output section. 


If you know you are using the correct merge field code but you are seeing ***** as the output, this means the code is correct but the underlying data is not entered correctly. For example, you may be trying to merge the address for John Smith from Matter 3. However, if you review John Smith's contact card, you may see that his address is not entered. Enter the information and perform the test again. 

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