Editing and Deleting Invoices with the QuickBooks Online Integration

Modified on Thu, 25 May, 2023 at 5:21 PM

This article explains how you can now edit and delete invoices in Actionstep and how these changes are now pushed through automatically into Quickbooks Online.

NOTE: When an invoice is created in Actionstep and pushed through to Quickbooks Online, a link is created between the two transactions.  This link would previously have prevented users from making any changes to that invoice without first having to unlink it.  This is no longer the case for editing an invoice and for deleting an invoice without payment, which makes the process for both now much easier.

Editing an Invoice

You can now edit an invoice provided that that you are a user in an Actionstep system linked to Quickbooks Online, on any product plan and where invoices are synchronized with Quickbooks Online.

When the invoice is reverted to Draft, then the corresponding invoice in Quickbooks Online is deleted. 

When the Draft invoice is edited and reposted in Actionstep, the invoice is reposted (re-created) in Quickbooks Online.

NOTE: When the invoice is edited in Actionstep, the bill reference will need to be updated slightly.  If you try to repost with the original invoice number, Quickbooks will already have this reference in the deleted invoice, so it is suggested you add something like a ".1" or an "a" after the original reference number.


Deleting an Invoice without Payment

You can now delete an invoice without payment provided that you are a user in an Actionstep system linked to Quickbooks Online, on any product plan, where invoices are synchronized with Quickbooks Online and where the invoice has no payment.

An invoice can be deleted from the following places: -

  • In the Bills list (Select Delete or Revert invoice to Draft then Delete) 

  • In the Matter View > Billing > Bills (Select Delete or Revert invoice to Draft then Delete) 

  • Inside the Invoice  

When the invoice is deleted in Actionstep, then it is automatically unlinked and deleted in Quickbooks Online. The invoice will also be deleted in the Linked Quickbooks Online Invoices List.

Deleting an Invoice With Payment

If you try to delete an invoice in Actionstep that has been fully or partially paid then you will get an error message and be restricted in deleting that invoice.  This has always been a restriction within Actionstep and is therefore nothing new.

Additional Fields Added in the Quickbooks Online Integration

Currently Actionstep pushes the following data to Quickbooks Online for invoicing.

  • Customer Name  

  • Invoice Date  

  • Due Date  

  • Line item amount (grouped by income account) 

  • Description (incorrectly pulls in income account name)  

  • Product/Service (incorrectly maps to a single product/service)  

Now, the following additional fields have been added to Invoices.  This has been done to present more information on the invoice pushed through to Quickbooks Online, which should make it easier for accountants working in Quickbooks Online to understand them and to see which matter the invoice is associated with.

  1. Customer email address (may end up being more of a contact data mapping question than an invoice data mapping question)  

  2. Billing Address (same as above)  

  3. Matter Name

  4. Matter ID

  5. Memo 

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