Actionstep Academy is a one-stop resource for customers to get the most out of Actionstep.

This is a new online learning resource for customers of every experience level. We believe this extensive resource library will help customers get as much value as possible out of Actionstep - equipped with the know-how to improve your processes, learn expert tips and tricks, stay in the know about product updates, and configure your system to best support your business goals.

We have over 20 courses and 100 videos for you to access when you sign up for Actionstep Academy. This includes content formats of standalone videos and webinars, learning courses, and knowledge checks to ensure information retention.


What does Actionstep Academy help users with?

  • Everyday Use: Videos and courses on the features and topics you use everyday
  • Admin and Configuration: Beginner to advanced setup and system customization
  • Actionstep Features and Functions: Explainer videos (How tos) and new product releases
  • Best Practices and Thought Leadership: Hot topics and business guidance for law firms

Access to Actionstep Academy is free with your Actionstep subscription, for all Actionstep users. 


Click here to sign up! (access code: 2dat2-pv5xr5m2)





Actionstep Academy serves course and video content for Actionstep users of any experience level to learn what they need to know to do what they need to do. 


Learning content is categorized on 7 clickable tiles, accessible from the Actionstep Academy Home Screen. 




New and highlighted learning content.

Everyday Use

Content about the functions, features, concepts, and best practices you use every day. 

Admin & Customization

Content about administration, settings, options, configuration, and personalization of your Actionstep system.


Content about features & concepts you can leverage in your Actionstep system to help realize your business goals.

Full CatalogA complete, searchable and filterable list of all available Actionstep Academy content.
CoursesA complete, searchable and filterable list of all available course content.
VideosA complete, searchable and filterable list of all available video content.




How much does it cost?
There is zero cost for customer access.


How often is it updated?
Users can expect weekly content updates.


How can an ASA user provide feedback?
Via the “Feedback” button on the Home page banner.



This will launch a feedback survey form.

Which code should I use to sign up?

The different codes attribute an origin for the user login. If you do not have another code, this one denotes a signup from here: 2dat2-pv5xr5m2


What if I forget my password?
In case of a forgotten password, you can reset your password by selecting the "Forgot Password?" link on the Signup screen at 


Why has my access been revoked?

Actionstep Academy is free to all active Actionstep users. This is enforced by email address. If an Actionstep Academy login email address is not also used for an Actionstep subscription, that email address will be contacted to switch over the account to the Actionstep login email address. If that request is not answered in 5 business days, Actionstep Academy access will be revoked.