Saving Invoices to Matter Documents

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Actionstep allows you to easily store and access client invoices within their matter documents. Providing easier access to these documents for things like record keeping, sharing via the client portal, and tracking earlier versions of updated client invoices. 


Enabling the functionality 

To turn on this functionality go to Admin - General Settings and scroll down to feature preview. Toggle the Save Invoices to Matter (by default). 



Press the green Save button. 

Then go to Admin>Billing>Other Settings and toggle "Save Invoice PDF to Matter by Default." Once this setting is enabled, Actionstep will create a folder in each billable matter type called "Client Invoices" once the first invoice on a matter has been produced for the first time.  





Saving Invoices to your Matters

Once this feature is enabled, Actionstep will save a pdf copy of each produced invoice to the matter associated with that invoice. 


Limiting Permissions

Some firms may want to limit access to the Client Invoices folder. This can be done by going to Admin>Matter Types>Selecting the relevant matter type>Folders>and selecting the Client Invoices folder. 


From here users should see a list of all system roles within their Actionstep system. Users can select the green checks that correspond with the permissions that they're looking to limit and then select "Save."


Reposting Produced Invoices

Occasionally, users may find it necessary to revert a produced invoice to draft, make a change, and then re-finalize that invoice. When this happens, Actionstep will overwrite the original copy of the invoice in the documents folder. However, users can access the full version history of an invoice in the versions panel of that document.



If I delete an invoice will it delete from the Client Invoices folder? 

No, the invoice will still remain in the Client invoices folder. 


Can I rename the Client Invoices folder or delete it? 

No, you are unable to do this unless you turn off the feature first. 


We want to share the invoices automatically in the portal can we do this? 

Yes, you can do this by sharing the "Client Invoices" folder in the client portal.


I can't see the invoices being saved to the Client invoices folder? 

Invoices need to be produced to be saved to the folder. Make sure you have produced your bills/invoices so that they are saved, see more here: Bill Production


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