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 File Notes are one of Actionstep's most useful tools for keeping track of updates to matters.


Creating a File Note

You can create file notes from the 'Global Create Button' or from the 'Create File Note' button within the matter.

Global Create Button

  1. To create a file note from the 'Global Create Button', navigate back to the home page and click on the big green 'Create' button,
  2. Click 'File Note'.

File Notes Tab Within a Matter

  1. To view the list of file notes for a specific matter or to create a file note from within the matter, click on the highlighted icon within the 'Matter Navigation Bar', as per the screenshot below.

    The 'Create file note' button in the file notes tab on a matter

  2. This will take you to a list of file notes for the matter. You can then click on the highlighted 'Create File Note' button the create a new file note.

Note: You can also create a file note from the 'Matter Overview' screen, as per the screenshot below.


The 'Create file note' button on the matter overview screen


Formatting a File Note

You now have the ability to format your file notes. With simple formatting tools, you can make file notes easier to read, make information more presentable and are able to highlight important information.

Enabling the functionality  

To be able to format a file note you will need to turn on the early access feature. To do this go to Admin > General Settings > Scroll down to the Feature Preview section > Toggle "Early access group" to on > Toggle the "File Notes Formatting" to on > press the green "Save" button.

Once you have enabled the feature, when you go to create or edit a file note you will now see a toolbar at the top of the note box with all of the different formatting tools that are available, these formatting functions are:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Italic
  • Bullet points
  • Number points
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Quote
  • Strike Through
  • You can also use the shortcut keys for commonly used formatting IE ctrl +b = bold.

Editing or Deleting a File Note

This can depend on the permissions assigned to you by your Administrator, but in most cases, you will be able to edit or delete the File Notes you have created. To do this, click on the 'Edit' button next to the pencil icon, as shown below.


The 'Edit' button on the file notes tab


When you open up the Edit File Note window, you will see the 'Delete' button in the bottom-left corner.  

Note: When deleting a file note, you will be prompted to type out a reason for deleting it. This reason will then be displayed in the System Note created when the file note is deleted.



Adding Tags to File Notes

You can associate tags to file notes to indicate various things, such as phone calls, meetings, etc. You can then filter your file notes by tag. Your 'Administrator' can set up additional tags as needed.

The tag icon on a file note

Document File Notes

Tip: You can automatically add filenotes in relation to documents when uploading them and the file note will contain a link to the document that has been uploaded.


When you upload a document you have an option to add a file note. 



A file note will appear in your matter that looks like this. 




WARNING: Please note that the link to the document only workss if the documents is a PDF.


Q. Will the new formatting feature work on my Actionstep mobile App?

A. Yes, the formatting is supported in the mobile App, Outlook Add-in and your browser Actionstep.

Q.  Why can't I see an edit button next to a filenote?

A. This is because you did not create the filenote or you do not have sufficient permissions.

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