Creating and Editing File Notes

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File Notes are one of Actionstep's most useful tools for tracking updates to matters.

Before you begin:

  • When creating or editing a note, you can format the note using bold, italics, and so forth. To enable formatting, an admin can go to Admin > General Settings > Feature Preview and toggle File Notes Formatting to on.

Creating a File Note

You can create a note that will be associated with a specific matter. Notes can be tracked both on the File Notes page as well as the Matter View page. When you create a note, you can also assign a tag to it so that it's easier to find and filter the specific notes you are looking for.

To create a file note:

  1. Edit a matter. See Editing a Matter for help. 
  2. Click the File Notes icon. The File Notes page appears.
  3. Click Create File Note. The Create File Note window appears.
  4. Optionally, click the Matter field to choose a different matter to associate the note with. 
  5. Enter your Note in the field. You can use the formatting toolbar to format the text. 
  6. Optionally, classify the type of note you are creating by selecting a tag from the Tags drop-down list. 
    TIP: You can filter your file notes by tag. Your administrator can set up additional tags as needed. When you assign a tag to a note, an icon will be added to the note to help you further identify the type of note you are creating. For example, if you tag the note as important, the note will appear with a caution icon next to it. 
  7. Verify or change the Date & Time you are creating the note. 
  8. Optionally, select Create time entry if you want to add this task to your timesheet. 
  9. Click Create. The note is created. If you opted to create a time entry, you will be taken to the Create time entry window to provide the information required for your timesheet. (See Creating a Time Entry for help.)

TIP: You can also create a file note by clicking the global Create button and choosing File Note from the Matters section. Then provide the information as described in the instructions above. If you are viewing the Home tab for a matter, you can also click Create File Note in the Recent File Notes panel. 


Editing a File Note

Depending on your permissions, you can edit or delete the file notes you have created. You cannot edit file notes created by other users. 

To do this:

  1. Edit a matter. See Editing a Matter for help. 
  2. Click the File Notes icon. The File Notes page appears.
  3. Find the note you want to edit and click Edit.
     The Edit File Note window appears.
  4. Make whatever changes are needed to the note. 
    TIP: To delete the note, click Delete in the lower-left corner of the window. At the Delete File Note window that appears, provide your Reason for deletion and click Delete. This information will be added as a system note, which can help you create and maintain an audit trail of the work you do. 
  5. Click Save to save your changes.


NOTE:  When uploading a matter document, you have the option to include a file note. If you do, that note will be listed on the File Notes page of the matter. If the document is a PDF, it will include a link back to the uploaded document.

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