Adding Custom Data Fields to a Participant Type (Admin)

Modified on Thu, 6 Jun at 4:31 PM

At times, you may want to collect information about a participant but the contact record doesn't include the right fields for doing this. In these cases, you can create a custom data field and associate it with a participant type.  

TIP:  Actionstep includes two "base-level" participant types: individual and company. If you want a custom data field to be available for all your contacts, add that field to your base participant types. If you add a custom data field to the Individual participant type, users will be prompted to fill in the data field every time they create a new individual contact—regardless of what other participant types it is assigned. If you add the same custom data field to both Individual and Company participant types, then all contacts will be prompted to provide the required information.

To add a custom data field to a participant type:

  1. In Actionstep, go to Admin > Additional Settings.
  2. Click Edit in the Participant types section. The Participant Types page appears.
  3. Click the name of the participant type you would like to add a custom data field to. The Edit Participant Type window appears.
  4. Click Edit custom data fieldsThe Custom Data Fields for [Participant_Type] window appears.
  5. At the bottom of the list of existing fields, click Add Field. The Add Custom Data Field window appears.
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Data field name: Enter the name for the field. This name will be used to create a merge field name for this data field. Spaces entered into the name will appear as underscores (_) in the merge field.
    • Label: Enter the text that will be used wherever the data field appears to Actionstep users.
    • Description: Enter a description or instructions to help users understand what to enter or what the field is referring to.
    • Data Type: Click this drop-down list and choose which type of field you want to create. See Understanding Custom Data Field Types to learn about what's available. Depending on your selection, there may be additional fields to complete. 
    • Form Order: Choose a number, which is like a sort order. A field with a lower number will appear before a field with a higher number on the form.
    • Required FieldSelect this option if you want to require the user to answer the field. 
    • Limit use to Matters only: Toggle this option to on if the data required by the field is only relevant when working with a contact that's associated with a matter. 
    • Synchronize Values: Toggle this option to on when the data entered for this field will not be unique to any matter. Then, when saving this field in any matter, the field will be updated globally (i.e., it will be updated in every matter that is associated with the contact). When toggled to off, each matter will have a unique value for this field.
  7.  When you're finished making changes, click Save


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