Financial Alias Terminology

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This article explains how you can set up different financial/accounting terminology in your system. Actionstep operates across multiple geographical regions and you may use terminology that differs from Actionstep terminology you can customize the terminology used in Actionstep to meet your own requirements in relation to financial information. 


Navigate to Admin > Accounting > Accounting system preferences > and scroll down to Aliases / terminology. 





TaxThe wording used for Sales Tax in your country (usually Sales Tax, GST or VAT)
CheckThe local spelling/word for a Check/Cheque
Sale Alias SingularAlias for a Sale (Sale, Bill, Receivable etc)
Sale Alias PluralAlias for Sales (Sales, Bills, Receivables etc)
Purchase Alias SingularAlias for a Purchase (Purchase, Payable. Supplier Invoice etc)
Purchase Alias Plural Alias for Purchases (Purchases, Payables, Supplier Invoices, etc
Purchase Menu LabelLabel for the Purchases Menu (Purchases, Payables, Supplier Invoices, etc)
EFT Account No AliasElectronic Funds Transfer, Bank Account, No Alias



WARNING: Changing the sales and purchases menu in the above settings will only change the menu names under the accounting menu here. It will not change the Billing menu or menus under billing:






I am based in Australia and invoices should be referred to as Tax Invoices not Sales Invoices - how can I change this? 

Yes, there are two steps to this. You will need to change the menu names as above and also the billing menus. 

You will also need to change the sale/purchase types to "Tax Invoice" - To do this go to Admin > Additional Settings > Sale/Purchase Types


WARNING: As the steps above need a thorough knowledge of how Actionstep works and the changes outlined will affect the system globally we suggest getting in touch with our support team or a Certified Consulting Partner who can make these changes for you. Do not proceed with the above unless you are a Partner or advanced user of Actionstep or you have tested thoroughly in a staging system. 



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