Archiving a Matter

Modified on Mon, 16 Jan 2023 at 08:13 PM

While we don't necessarily have an archive feature, there are a couple of ways you can effectively archive a matter.


Setting Matters to Inactive

Inactive matters are typically used to indicate matters that have no tasks to complete soon but which may in the future, or matters that have otherwise temporarily stopped progressing.

There are three ways to move a matter from active to inactive: 

Set a step to change a matter to inactive from within the workflow

  1. Go to  Admin > Matter Types > {your matter type} > Workflow > {your step}
    Matter status set to inactive on theworkflow step in admin


Manually change a single matter to inactive

  1. Select the information icon next to the matter name on your matter overview screen
    The edit button on matter properties
  2. Then select "Edit"
    The status dropdown set to inactive on the matter properties screen
  3. Choose "Inactive" from the Status dropdown
  4. Select "Save".


Marking a matter or multiple matters as inactive from a matter list view

  1. Check the boxes next to all matters you would like to mark as inactive.
  2. After selecting at least one matter you will see a "Change" dropdown appear. Select the "Mark as Inactive" option.
    Matters list with multiple matters selected to bulk set to inactive
  3. You will be brought to a screen displaying all the matters you have chosen to mark as inactive. Confirm your choices and select "Submit"
    Inactivating matters confirmation screen

NOTE: Tasks can reactivate inactive matters. Inactive matters are designed to reactivate once an incomplete task becomes due. So, for instance, if you need to assist your client in renewing their visa in 6 months you may choose to temporarily move a matter to inactive but create a task to begin the visa renewal process again in 3 months. Users moving a matter to inactive indefinitely should check to see if there are any incomplete tasks associated with the matter which may cause the matter to become active in the future.


Custom Data/List View

Another option would be to create a custom data collection for "Archived Date". You would then set the archive date on the matter and close the matter.

Next, create a custom list view for closed/"archived" matters, and then you'll be able to view this data in a list view.

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