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This article explains the Bill Production screen. 

The Bill Production screen is designed to show you a list of all invoices that are to be printed or emailed to recipients. Bills are approved and saved and then produced (printed or emailed to recipients). 




Each field in this list is explained below:


Checkbox / TickboxSelect/deselect bills to Print/Send, Preview, or Revert to Review.
PDFSelecting the PDF icon downloads a copy of the bill.
DOCSelecting the DOC icon downloads a copy of the bill in Word. 
E-Billing FormatOutlines if any bills have e-billing formatting and the type.
Invoice DateAccounts receivable date for the bill.
Inv. NoDenotes the number of the invoice. Selecting the number will launch the invoice in a read-only view.
Invoice type Single or Consolidated.
ClientThe client on the matter being billed.
Matter NameThe name of the matter to which the bill is attributed. Links to the matter.
Matter IDThe ID for the matter being billed. Links to the matter.
Responsible PartyThe designated responsible party for the matter.
Prior BalanceThis shows the previously billed, but unpaid, balance for the matter.
FeesTotal fees that are included on the bill.
DisbursementsTotal disbursements that are included on the bill.
Fee AdjustmentsTotal fee adjustments on the bill.
TaxThe total tax amount included on the bill.
New ChargesFees + Disbursements + Tax - Discount
Retainer AppliedFunds applied to the bill from general retainer.
Trust AppliedFunds applied to the bill from the trust account.
Payments/Write-offPayment + write-offs applied to the bill.
Net BillPreviously billed, but unpaid, balance for the matter plus new charges.
Balance DueNet bill - payments/write-offs.
EmailThe email address(es) to which the bill will be sent.
Print Number of bill copies that will be printed.
E-BillDisplays the E-bill format for the matter if applicable.
Options > Edit options

Pop-up box to change options - bill template, email address, email template and printed copies. 




WARNING: The setting you choose here will become the defaults - they are not one-off settings. 


General Retainer BalanceBalance of General Retainer. 
Trust Account BalanceBalance of Trust Account. 
  Totals for applicable columns are visible at the bottom of the list.



No Rows Selected


FilterThis provides options to filter by each column.
RefreshUpdates the list to make sure it is including all data. This is useful when using separate tabs/windows or when other users are entering/changing billing information.
Produce allFinalizes all bills. Emails are sent, bill copies are downloaded, and all items are cleared from the screen when confirmed.
Preview allDownloads a PDF containing all bills
Revert all to DraftUnposts all bills and moves them back to the Draft Bills step of the billing process. The bills can then be edited or deleted.


Rows Selected



Selected bills will be emailed, downloaded, and/or removed from the list.

If the bill is not being emailed or printed it will be removed from the list. 

PreviewDownloads a PDF preview of the selected bill.
E-BillingGenerates LEDES files for all bills selected.
Revert to DraftUn-posts selected bills and moves them back to the Draft Bills step of the billing process. The bills can then be edited or deleted.
Email Manually Loads the Compose Email screen with the bill attached so that you can personalize the email before sending it. 
Create paymentLoads the New Client Receipt and allows you to make a payment against a bill. 




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