Editing Your Calendar

Modified on Wed, 18 Oct 2023 at 03:40 PM

Each calendar on your calendar screen can be edited. Some edit options are only available to users who own the calendar. 

  1. Navigate to the calendar screen and click on the drop-down arrow beside the name of the calendar
  2. Select "Edit Calendar"
  3. From the Edit Calendar Screen, there are a number of options.
Items with asterisks(*) are only available in Practice Pro + Accounting. 


Calendar Name - This is what others will see your calendar (if you share it) as being called.

*Custom display name - The name that you want to call the calendar. This is how it will display in your own calendar view.

Sort order - As well as being able to drag and drop the calendars you can assign them a number here to choose the order in which this calendar appears. The actual order will depend on the number you enter here in reference to the other numbers of other calendars.

Color/Theme - Click on the box to choose the color that this calendar and the appointments under that calendar appear.

*Alerts/Busy - When you set this option to YES, you are opting in to popup alerts for the selected calendar. If 'NO' is selected, you will not receive pop up alerts for the selected calendar.

*Append to Title - The text entered into this box will appear after the appointment title when you create the appointment and link it to a matter. You can use merge fields in this field that will pull information from the linked matter.

*Prepend to Description - Like the option above this will populate the text in the box in the description of the appointment when the appointment is being created and linked to a matter. This test will appear after any text you enter into the description while creating the appointment. You can use merge fields in this field that will pull information from the linked matter.


You will also have down the bottom of the screen the following two options in red next to the "Save" button.

Remove from My Calendar - This removed the calendar from your My Calendar view. The box for this calendar will no longer appear on the left-hand My Calendar view. It will also remove the appointments from that calendar. Anybody else who has access to this calendar will still see it on their My Calendar Screen.

Delete From Actionstep - The deletes the calendar and all the appointments under it. They will be removed from your view and the My Calendar view of anybody else who had access to this calendar. This can only be done by the owner of the calendar. 


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