Inserting a 'Pay Now' link into your custom invoice template

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Once Actionstep Payments is set up in an Actionstep system, whenever you create a new invoice using Actionstep's standard, built-in invoice templates you will see a "Pay Now' button appearing PDF of your invoices. If you are using a customized invoice template for your invoices, you will have to update that template to make sure that your clients are prompted to pay online from the invoice. 

In this article, we explain the steps you can take to update your invoice template.



To update your custom bill template you will need to:

  1. Access and download your current customized bill template
  2. Update it so that it has the merge fields and or images to display a text or image prompting your clients to pay
  3. Save that updated template back to Actionstep


Accessing your current invoice template

All invoice templates in Actionstep are based on a Word document template. As an administrator, you can access this template by going to:

Admin >  Billing > Custom bill template

Then click on the name of the custom template.

From the resulting screen, click on the name of the Word document that appears at the bottom of the right-hand panel. 

A copy of the Word document will be downloaded to your computer. Click on it to open it.


Adding new details to the custom bill template

To ensure that your invoice template works as well as possible, there are three part we would recommend you add to your custom bill template.

  1. A conditional merge field to make sure the button only appears when applicable
  2. An image or text that will prompt your client to click on it
  3. A hyperlink applied to that image or text to take the client to the payment page

There are two methods you can use to achieve this. The Quick build method allows you to place a button from a provided list. Alternatively, you can create a 'Pay now' button from your own image or text.


Quick build method

To make the process of inserting a 'Pay now' button easier for you we have created an array of buttons that you can copy and paste into your custom bill template. to do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Download this file with sample 'Pay now' buttons by clicking here.
  2. Open the downloaded file and find a button you would like to use from those provided.
  3. Highlight the line above the button through to the line after the button. You want to make sure that you have selected the entire box.
  4. Copy the highlighted section.
  5. Open your custom bill template and click into the part where you would like the button to appear. Paste the copied section.
  6. You can adjust what appears in the custom bill template. You can remove any extra lines above or below what you pasted in. You can highlight the field and the merge fields that suround it and left, centre or right align to suit your needs.
  7. Save the custom bill template to your computer once ready.


Create a 'Pay now' button from your own image or text

You can use your own image or text to ensure that the display matches the current branding of your invoice template. To do this, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your custom bill template and click on the part of the template where you would want the button to appear.
  2. If you are using an image, paste it into the table cell you have just created. If you are using text, type in what you would want to appear and format it to suit your needs.
  3. Highlight the text or image and right-hand click on it. Choose Link.
  4. In the dialogue that appears, enter the following in the Addressfield. Click Ok to Save. 
  5. Adjust the location, alignment, etc of the image or words to suit where you would want the button to appear. 



Because Word expects a link to be pointing to a website address or another file, you may experience some unusual behavior. Consider the following.

  1. Once you save the merge field as a link, if you go to edit the link again, Word will change the square brackets around the merge field into  "%5e" and %5b". While confusing, this will not prevent the merge field from working. We recommend that you leave it as it appears.
  2. If you save your Word file to a new location after you have entered the merge field in the link, Word may prefix the location of where you saved the file to the merge field. This will prevent the merge field from converting into a link to the correct payment page. If you save the Word file to a new location, Edit the link once more and remove the text that will appear before the merge field.


Save the custom bill template back to Actionstep

Once you have saved the Word document, you can upload it back into Actionstep. 

Admin >  Billing > Custom bill template

Then click on the name of the custom template.

In the resulting dialogue, use the Upload new template file to select the word document you just saved and Save.


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