Check/Cheque Templates

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Some special merge fields and options can be used to create templates to print over pre-printed check stationery. Check template examples can be downloaded below. 



The name of the payee ("Paid To" field) when creating the banking withdrawal. 


The merge field has a single underscore "_"



A participant merge field option to create a mailing address block.

Note that this requires the payee to have been linked to an associated participant when creating the check. If "Other" was chosen then his option will return a blank.

Note: the merge field option has a double underscore.


The merge field option has a double underscore "__"



An alias for pt=Check__Payee above



TIP: You can add |show_currency_symbol=F  to a merge field to display a monetary amount without a leading currency symbol (eg, '$'). If your check template has the dollar symbol pre-printed this can be useful.

For example: [[Check_Amount]]  = $1,234.56

[[Check_Amount|show_currency_symbol=F]]  = 1,234.56  


Check Merge Fields

To see a list of all merge fields that can be used in cheque templates. Navigate to Admin > Document Assembly > Merge Field List select the filter on the left-hand side of the screen and choose "check" as the data source. Press submit. 


You will then see all merge fields that can be associated with a cheque template. 



Check Template Examples