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You can use tasks in Actionstep to organize your personal to-do list as well as review assignments across your entire organization. 

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Creating a Task

  1. Access the New Task window using any of the following methods:
    • Click the global Create button and choose Task from the Matters section.
    • Go to the global Tasks menu and choose My Tasks > [any task list view]. Then click Create task (in the top-right corner of the page). 
    • Edit a matter, and from within the matter, click the Tasks menu icon. Then click Create task (in the top-right corner of the page).
  2. Complete the following information on the New Task window:
    • Enter a Task name.
    • Select which Matter the task relates to.
    • Select whether the Due Date is Fixed (you set the due date) or Relative (the date is relative to a custom data date on the matter). (Complete the date fields based on your selection.)
    • Add a Description.
    • Choose a Priority for completing the task. 
    • Choose who you want the task Assigned to.
    • Set a Quick-code, if applicable. (Quick codes populate the Description field with preloaded text. You can create a new quick code by selecting Create new quick-code from the list of options.) 
    • Select a Tag, if applicable.  (See Tags for more information.)
    • Select Add time entry once completed to make sure any time spent working on the task is tracked in your timesheet.  
    • Select Create another to duplicate this task and possibly assign it to other team members. 
  3. Click the Reminder/Workflow tab.
  4. In the Reminder section, click the Reminder drop-down list and choose when the reminder should be delivered. Then choose whether the reminder will be sent via Email and/or Popup.
  5. In the Workflow section, click either of the This task must be completed before/on step drop-down lists and choose a specific step from the matter type's workflow. This will add the task to the workflow, which forces the task to be addressed at that specific point in the matter workflow. 
  6. Click Save to save your changes. 

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