Create a Marketing Campaign

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This article explains what marketing campaigns and activities are and the best practices for setting them up. 


Marketing campaigns give you the ability to track revenue based on how your customer found you (marketing activity). For example, you may advertise on Facebook, yellow pages, google ads, and word of mouth and you want to track how much revenue is generated from each marketing avenue. Marketing campaigns can assist with this. 


Setting up a marketing campaign 

Create a new matter type - Admin - Matter Types - Create new matter type



Create a matter of that type 

Go to Global create button > Matter 



Choose Marketing Campaign Matter Type (that you have just created).




Create a matter called "Marketing Campaign"


Once created click into the matter and you will see the following settings:- 

Matter Settings 



Start Date / End Date This is the start date and the end date of the campaign - if you want to track all revenue over the foreseeable future use an extended future date and if you want to track revenue created before the current date than create a backdated date as the start date. 
Force activity dates to match campaign datesTicking this box will ensure that any activities associated with this campaign have the same dates. This is recommended. 
Sales Pipeline 

This tracks the sales pipeline sold figure (what we expect to be billed not what was actually billed found in Matter > Billing > Sales and Marketing). You can untick this if you do not wish to track this. 



Actual This tracks the actual amount invoiced (including disbursements) - (exclusive of tax) with the dates of the activity/campaign. You can untick this if you do not wish to track this.
Customer Lifetime ValueYou enter an amount you expect to recover from every client for their lifetime (regardless of amount of matters) and this will track your expected lifetime value x number of clients. You can untick this if you do not wish to track this.
Show Campaign Budget and ForecastYou can tick this option and enter an amount you expect to spend on your full marketing campaign and your forecasted income across the entire campaign. You can untick this if you do not wish to track this.
Track ROI from these mattersYou select here matter type that you wish to track in the marketing campaign. 

Click Save. 


NOTE: These can be changed at a later date by editing the campaign.





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