Setting up Matter Type Folders

Modified on Sun, 29 Jan 2023 at 03:51 PM

This article will explain how to set up default folders for matter types. These folders will appear automatically every-time you open a matter.


WARNING: You cannot create global matter folders across all matters, it has to be done at an individual matter type level.



Accessing Matter Type Folders

  1. Head to "Admin".
  2. Select the "Matter Types" tile./helpdesk/attachments/150002488658
  3. Click on the Matter type that you would like to add folders to./helpdesk/attachments/150002488659
  4. In the Folders section click "Edit"./helpdesk/attachments/150002488661


Adding a New Folder

To add a new folder follow the steps above.

  1. Enter a name for the folder under "Folder name".
  2. Under "Parent folder" select where you would like that folder to sit in the folder structure.  
  3. Click "Add".



Rename Folders

To rename a folder simply click on the folder that you would like to rename, hover over the rename option and type in the new name for the folder in the box "New Name".


Delete Folders

To delete folders, click on the folder name that you would like to delete, click "delete". A pop up box will appear asking "Are you sure you want to delete this folder" select Yes.



Adding Permissions to Folders

You can set fine-grained permissions on a folder-by-folder basis for each matter type.

  1. To set permissions on folders, click on the folder and choose "Permissions"./helpdesk/attachments/150002488679
  2. Click on the check marks to grant or revoke permissions by system role to the selected folder.
  3. Click "Save"./helpdesk/attachments/150002488683


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