Tasks - Overview

Created by Allison Cloyd, Modified on Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 01:08 AM by Allison Cloyd

Tasks are a great way to organize your own to-do list of work and also a great way of seeing all activities that need to be completed on a matter, across the whole company, in relation to one client, or in relation to one work stream. 

A lot of companies still work from their emails - when they would like a task completed they want to send that individual person an email. What happens when that person is away sick or has extended leave? Do you have to go through all their emails to see what work is due to be completed and what is outstanding? That is a lot of manual effort. 

There are many advantages of using tasks as opposed to emails: 

  • Being able to see different views of tasks completed/outstanding etc.
  • Ability to re-assign tasks should a staff member be on leave or sick
  • A great way to streamline and monitor workload
  • Ability to add automated tasks to workflows 

If you are not taking advantage of tasks you definitely should start today!