Fee Allocation Settings

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This article explains how the allocation of fees to timekeepers works in Actionstep.


Actionstep has settings and overrides to determine the fee allocation for bill payments. Fee allocations are tracked per fee earner whether all fees go to a specific fee account or fee accounts for individual fee earners.


System-Wide Settings

Located at Admin > Billing in the Timekeeper fee allocation section.


Default fee allocation for matters

This sets the system default for how fees are allocated on matters.


The Pro-rate option distributes fee allocation based on how it was entered. If a timekeeper's fee entries account for 50% of fees, they are allocated 50% of the fee amount on a bill.


The All to Responsible lawyer option ensures that ALL fees are allocated to the Responsible Lawyer participant.


TIP: The Responsible Lawyer participant type is designated on the same screen at the top. 



Edit fee earner fee income accounts

Selecting the Edit fee earner fee income accounts button launches the Edit fee earner fee income accounts screen.


Here, specific GL accounts can be designated for specific fee earners. To select a fee income account, it must first be created in the accounts list. See Add a General Ledger Account


Designating a specific fee income account can be useful for GL reporting so you can see the exact fee allocations each timekeeper has received using the Account Entries Report



Matter-Specific Settings

Located in a matter by selecting the Billing icon > Matter billing options in the Fee allocation section.


Allocate fees

Determines how fees are allocated for this specific matter.


Additional to pro-rate and all to responsible lawyer settings, a selected fee earner can be selected to receive all fee allocation.

Allocate fee adjustments

Determines how adjustments to fees are allocated.


An adjustment to an invoice is an increase or reduction in the fees that are being charged when compared to the WIP on the invoice.


This field lets you choose how that reduction or increase in fees should be allocated. You can choose to allocate them to the responsible lawyer (used when the gains or losses on an invoice can be attributed to the responsible lawyer), allocate to a selected fee earner, or have it based on original fee split (pro-rate).


For example, if you use the 'Based on original fee split' option on an invoice in which 3 fee earners recorded $1000 each of time and had a $300 discount, then each fee earner contributed one third each so the discount will be divided by three and applied to each. In this case, each fee earner will get a total fee allocation of $900.

Enable origination feesToggles the ability to designate an origination fee earner and origination fee %.
Originator fee earnerAllows the selection of any fee earner in the system to receive an origination fee %, allocated off the top of fees.
Origination fee %

The percent of fees allocated to the originator fee earner.

However allocation is set, the selected originator is allocated the defined percentage of total fees to be allocated before another allocation is calculated.


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