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This article focuses on KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Reporting within Actionstep. This report allows management to set and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for their staff. This reporting can be based on hours worked or invoiced fees per fee earner.


To set the KPIs

This is done via the accounting module under the "Accounts" menu (Accounting > Accounts > KPIs).


This will display all system users (people with logins to Actionstep) who are loaded under the division you are currently logged into down the left of the screen. Across the screen will be the months of your selected date range. 

To change the range that you want to be displayed change the "From" and "To" fields in the top left of this screen.


You can choose to track users against either their:

Actual Hours- The amount of time worked in total (including billable and non-billable)

Billable Hours- The amount of time that should be billable

Sales- The amount of fees that should be invoiced 

You can manually enter the targets for Actual and Billable Hours and Sales for each month, or you can have the hours populate automatically based on what you enter into the Days, Hours, and Ratio fields.

The Days and Hours will calculate the number of actual hours that a person should work in a given month. So for example, if someone was to work a five-day week and eight hours a day the actual hours for each month would display the number of working hours someone would do in a particular month. This will be calculated based on the number of working days in a month. It will pro-rata this amount if someone works more or less than a standard 5-day working week. 

The ratio is the percentage of the person's working day that you would expect to be billable. So if you expect an employee to bill for at least half their time it would be set to "50". 

If you wish to change a specific month you can override any of the figures.

Note: If a system user does not have any associated KPI's then do not tick any boxes and they will not appear on your Participant KPI report. 


The Participant KPI Summary is located in the Matter reports. 



Start MonthThe start month for the report
Start YearThe start year for the report
End MonthThe end month for the report (it will show all months between in the report)
End YearThe end year for the report
Sales TypeThere are two options Invoice or Ordered. Make sure to always select "Invoice". This will show the KPI against invoiced fees by fee earner (excluding draft invoices) for invoices dated in the selected month.
Actual Hours by monthTicked - shows the KPI and corresponding actual hours per month by fee earner. If left unticked this is removed from the report. 
Billable Hours by monthTicked - shows the KPI and billable hours per month by fee earner. If left unticked this is removed from the report.
Sales by monthTicked - shows the KPI and invoiced fees per month by fee earner. If left unticked this is removed from the 
Remember that the term "Invoice" in this report is the invoiced fees by fee earner (excluding draft invoices). 

The percentage column shows the percentage of the target the fee earner has met, <100% means the KPI has not been met (no colour), 100% means the KPI has been met (green), >100% means the KPI has been exceeded (green) on both the actual and billable hours. 



Note: If you discover differences between your invoiced amount figure and the total figures shown on this report. Please make sure that all fee earners are included on the report. Remember that if you haven't set a KPI for a fee earner and they have fees attributed to them they will not show on this report. You will need to go back to setting the KPI for that fee earner to add them to the report. 




PrintBring up your print dialogue 
ExcelDownloads the balance sheet in an XLS format
PDFDownloads the balance sheet in a PDF format

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