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This article explains the conflict check report in Actionstep. Running a conflict check from within Actionstep is very simple.  We have a report set up solely for this purpose which also allows you to dig deeper into the information. 


To find the conflict check report go to Reports > Matter Reports and click on the "Conflict Check" report. You will find this under the General section.

If you do not see this report in the list, then you will need to ask your administrator to set your report permissions.

Permissions will still apply to the results you see in the Conflict Check report. For example, if you do not have permissions to see a matter then you will not see it as a result of any conflict check. The same applies to any documents or emails on that matter you do not have access to.




Search terms

This is where you can enter your search terms. You are able to do a partial search using '*' as a wildcard. For example, searching for 'Ja*' will find records with 'Jane' as well as 'Janet'. Note that the wildcard will not work at the start of a word. For example, '*net' will not bring up any search results. 


We recommend that you the HTML report first because that will allow you to drill down into the search results for deeper analysis. You can adjust the search by changing the search terms or selecting data sources.



Search SourcesDescription
This will search all matter names for your search terms.
Matter file notesThis will search all file notes within matters for your search terms.
Matter custom dataThis will search all custom data fields within matters for your search terms.
Matters documentationThis will search the content of all the documents in your system but the following limitations should be kept in mind:
Actionstep will monitor the first 2MB of data within the document. Files that have text content larger than this will be mostly but not fully checked by our advanced search. More than 99.9% of documents stored with Actionstep will have text content more than 2MB.
Documents that will be searched must be text-based. Image and video files will not have their content searched (through names, metadata, etc will be). Scanned documents will likely be treated as images regardless of what format they are stored in.
Documents that are stored in a document integration will not be included in the search.
ContactsThis will search all contact names for your search terms. This will show the contact's preferred name and any aliases they have.
Knowledge BaseThis will search the knowledge base for your search terms.
EmailThis will search all emails in your system for your search terms.
Ignore RestrictionsThis will display ALL records found containing the search words including restricted actions and emails. You will only see this option if you are an administrator.
TIP - If your search yields a lot of results and is timing out selecting this option will assist as the system does not do additional checks for restrictions.




Option Description

On screen (HTML) 

This option displays the report results on your current screen


This option launches a print dialog from a PDF version of the report. To download as PDF, select Save as PDF in the Print > Destination dropdown on the print dialog screen.

MS Excel 

This option downloads an xlsx, MS Excel, file to your computer. This is a great option to perform further calculations in a spreadsheet format.

Save XLSX file to a matter 

After you have selected to run the report in MS Excel you can choose to save the XLSX file directly to a matter using this button. 



Save PDF file to a matter

After you have selected to run the report in PDF you can choose to save the PDF directly to a matter using this button. 



TIP: Sometimes the PDF viewer will display over this option on your screen, to see the option to save to a matter close the preview screen. 



A handy hint is to run the conflict check report in HTML to see the information and then save a PDF of the report directly to the matter it is associated with. The report states the date/time and who ran the report so is a great audit trail that a conflict check was completed on file opening.




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