Common Merge Fields

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Here is a list of some common merge fields inside of Actionstep.

The full list of available merge fields depends on how your system has been configured and can be found at Admin > Document Assembly > Merge Field List.



For quick reference here are some common merge fields.


Today's Date

system_date (default date format)

system_date|fm= %B_%d,_%Y (specific format: January 27, 2024)


Client Address Block 

(For other participant types change "Client" to that participant type)

MailingAddressLineComma|pt=Client (address line 1 and address line 2 (if populated) separated by a comma)


MailingStateProvince|pt=Client MailingPostCode|pt=Client (state and zip)

 MailingCountryIfForeign|pt=Client|ifnull=ignore (country - only show this if the country is foreign)


Your Name and Email Address

Useful for letter templates. It will insert the name of the person generating the document.

 FullName|pt=Current__user (note the double-underscore in Current _ _ user)



Firm Name

CompanyName|pt=Div__action (Note the double underscore)

For multi-divisional systems this will output the name of the division the matter belongs to


Company Name

Useful for when you are writing a cover letter and would like to include details about your clients employer.


“CompanyName” is a merge field which brings in the name of a company, however if you apply this to an individual contact record then it will merge the name of the individuals employer.


Matter Details





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