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Document templates can be generated in your Actionstep system to automatically populate inserted fields with information about your clients, billing, trust accounts, and more. 


Document templates are coded with merge fields. When generated, the merge fields are replaced with data from your Actionstep system. 


Check example


                       Merge Field List                    Inserted into Document Template            Generated in Actionstep




Bill example



Utilizing templates for commonly drafted documents:

  • Simplifies the task of document creation
  • Saves time and money on document drafting
  • Increases accuracy of information 
  • Standardizes formatting of documents
  • Allows for easy updates as needs change

This article outlines the fundamental principles that apply across the various types of document templates in Actionstep.


List of Document Templates

The following table lists the various document templates available for use in Actionstep. Select the Template Type name for more information about that template type.


Template TypeDescription

Matter Document Templates

Matter documents are generated from a matter in Actionstep. These templates can access matter data, participant data, custom data, and system data. 


Matter document templates can be used for various types of documents that require information that is available on the matter.


A common use is a Client Engagement Letter that uses information from the matter and its participants.




Custom Data Document Templates

Custom Data documents are Matter documents, but they are specifically configured to be generated in custom data collections. This allows the same template to be used in different many-row data collection records to retrieve data about that specific record.


Because Custom Data templates are basically Matter document templates, they can access all the same data.


A common use is generating transfer titles for items whose details are stored in separate records of a many-rows data collection.

Selected Participant Document Templates

Selected participant document templates are Matter document templates that are specifically configured to be generated from the parties screen on a matter.


The benefit of generating a document for a specific party is that the document can be configured to only populate data from that party. This makes it simple to create a specific type of document for a single participant on a matter. 


A common use is general correspondence documents.

Bill Templates

Bill templates create the invoices that your clients receive when you bill. These templates can contain information about:

  • The matter
  • Matter parties
  • The bill
  • Bill items (fees/expenses)
  • Statement items/balances
  • Actionstep Payments link




Sale/Purchase (including Supplier Invoices) Templates

Sale/Purchase templates are used for Sale/Purchase items found under the Accounting Main Menu item in Actionstep. These items may vary or be unavailable in some systems. Where applicable Sale/Purchase templates are used for:

  • Sales invoices/quotes/orders/credit invoices/credit orders
  • Supplier invoices/supplier quotes/purchase orders/ purchase credit invoices/purchase credit orders



Client Receipt/Deposit Templates

Client Receipt Templates are generated when a Client receipt/deposit is created. A Client Receipt can be a payment for a bills, a receipt of funds for general retainer, or an unallocated payment.


The generated receipts contain information about the payment and the payment matter.




Cheque/Check Templates

When a Printed Check is used as a payment method from a bank account associated with a check series, a check is added to a batch that can be generated, downloaded, and printed. The output format/style is determined by the Check Document Template.


Check document templates allow for merge fields to be placed precisely in Microsoft Word documents to line up with check stock for printing once generated. 




Deposit Slip Templates

Deposit Slip Templates are generated when a deposit slip is created. They determine the layout and included information in the output deposit lip PDF. 



Trust Receipt Templates

When funds are received into a trust account, a receipt is generated using layout and information from the Trust Receipt Template.



Trust Payment Confirmation Templates

When a trust payment is entered, a payment confirmation document is created for the transaction.



Trust Deposit Slip Templates

Trust Deposit Slip Templates are generated when a trust deposit slip is locked + printed.




Trust Statement Templates

Trust Statement document templates are used when generating multiple or one-off trust statements.




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