Trust Accounting Administration - Additional Settings

Modified on Mon, 14 Nov, 2022 at 1:00 AM


This articles decribes the additional settings found in Trust Accounting Menu. 



There are two options:

Additional System-wide preferences


Override receipt payment holds

This gives the firm the ability to set "hold days" for payments. While some jurisdictions do have a baseline for this hold, we've included the ability for all firms to utilize this function. An example of usage may be that when a firm receives a personal check from a client, they may want to force a hold-time to ensure they don't spend funds before they are cleared. Each payment type can have a different hold period. 

For systems that have the payment method "Client deposit via bank", the hold that you set for Electronic funds transfer will be applied to those transactions as well. 


Deposit slip settings

You have the ability to set if your system can have more than one deposit slip open at once.


TIP: This is recommended only for our users who have more than one office.


WARNING: Most trust regulatory bodies do not allow for more than one deposit slip to be open at a time. Allowing this may not be a something that is compliant with your regulations please seek advice from your regulatory body before swtiching on.



Default payment methods

Another feature to save time for the user by allowing you to choose a default which woudl be the most common way these transactions would be processed. 

Default reason for payment

This is where to set the default narration when paying the firms own invoice from Trust funds

Statement settings

Your bulk statements will pull through all transactions done in your system since the last batch that you ran. The first batch that you run then might have a number of years worth of transactions. You can adjust the Ignore entries before date to exclude these entries in your first batch run.

System settings

The Trust Lockout Date gives you the ability to be able to lock out users from being able to enter in any trust transaction on or before the date entered. 

Payment reason templates

The ability to set a range of "responses" to populate fields within the Trust Accounting area.

Add a reason by clicking the green "add template" button, check the boxes for anything it will apply to (sort order defines the way the list displays "1" at the top)



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