What's new in Actionstep?

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Actionstep aims to eliminate law firm administrivia and simplify how you work, so you always have the headspace and time to serve your clients well. We hope you'll find the updates below useful in achieving those goals. 

The updates below include new features, enhancements to existing features, and any significant issue resolutions.



August 2022

User Interface (UI) Refresh - Now Available in Early Access

Improving the look and feel of Actionstep


We’ve taken our first exciting step towards refreshing the look and feel of Actionstep.

The user home, navigation, create time entries, timers and much more have been updated with a more modern, cleaner user interface which makes better use of screen real estate. List views, matter headers and other key areas will be getting refreshed soon.

To view these changes, go to General settings and turn on Early Access for “Global UI updates.”

Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice even more changes as we aim to create a unified, accessible, and consistent user experience which is cleaner and easier on the eye – but don’t worry, we’re not moving or hiding anything!



Fee Estimates and Alerts - Now Available in Early Access

Improving Firm's Ability to Manage Costs


You will achieve more predictability and transparency in your billing, resulting in improved fee estimate summaries and notifications, allowing you to quote effectively and manage your clients' expectations. 


How Does It Work?

Once an estimate is put against the fees for the Matter, a new matter home panel "Fee Summary" clearly shows how fees (both billed and work-in-progress) are tracking against this estimate. The color of the bar changes based on how much of the estimate is left and you're given an "at a glance" view of where the Matter is at.


You can subscribe yourself and other interested parties to get an email alert when the Matter's fees reach 80% of the estimate.



  • Helps you avoid awkward conversations with clients and manage your client expectations 
  • Provides an "at a glance" summary, as well as email alerts to stakeholders

To get access to this feature, go to General settings and turn on Early Access.


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Required Update: 

Microsoft 365 Calendar Plugin w/Modern Authentication Support 

Available for Early Access to NZ customers


Our new plugin lets you authenticate directly with Microsoft using Modern Authentication methods

From 1 October 2022, Microsoft is moving to a new, more secure authentication method and you will be required to update your MS 365 Calendar Plugin.

Actionstep’s new plugin lets you authenticate your Microsoft account directly with Microsoft and you will be able to utilise Microsoft’s latest Calendar API.  


Look for an email notification in the coming days with more details on how to update your organization’s plugin. Please note, this will be a required update in October in order to keep Microsoft calendars connected and updated. 


To preview these changes, go to General settings and turn on Early Access for “Microsoft Outlook Calendar Plugin with Modern Auth Support.” Once enabled, users can add their Outlook Calendar to Actionstep using the new plugin by clicking the “+” button in Calendar. If you choose to enable this update, all users must reconnect their calendars. Please let your users know when you are enabling this upgrade. 


This plugin ensures we are compliant with changes Microsoft are introducing at the end of the year and utilizes the latest MS Calendar API and security standards. 


  • Enhanced security 
  • Reduce authentication issues, use the same log in method as MS Outlook


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Trust Request Notifications  - Available for pilot (NZ customers only)


Receive 4 different types of notifications related to trust requests – trust receipts, payments, transfers, and assigning tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Know exactly what needs to be done next in relation to all your trust matters
  • Communicate effectively with all parties


Interested in accessing our new Trust Request feature and joining our pilot? 

Please email katie.eagles@actionstep.com

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Actionstep Payments - Available for Pilot (US customers only)

Partial Payments Simplify Payments for Your Clients and Your Team


Clients can now make partial payments through Actionstep Payments, Actionstep’s built-in payment facility.


An update to the online payment page where a client enters their credit card details now has the option for clients to make a partial payment. They will be able to enter the amount they can afford while still having control over which outstanding items they want that amount applied to.


Key Benefits:

  • Receive funds up to 10x faster - By accepting credit or debit card payments from clients 
  • Spend less time chasing payments - With automatic, fully secure payment links on client invoices
  • No more double entryPayment information automatically populates in   Actionstep, QuickBooks, or Xero
  • Gain total visibility With transparent reporting and pricing

If you have any questions or are interested in processing payments through Actionstep, please email Payments@actionstep.com.


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June 2022

Fee Estimates and Alerts (Available for pilot / beta testing)

Improving Firm's Ability to Manage Costs


Achieve more predictability and transparency in billing, resulting in improved fee estimate summaries and notifications, allowing to quote effectively and manage clients' expectations. 


How Does It Work?

Once an estimate is put against the fees for the Matter, a new matter home panel "Fee Summary" clearly shows how fees (both billed and work-in-progress) are tracking against this estimate. The color of the bar changes based on how much of the estimate is left and you're given an "at a glance" view of where the Matter is at.


Users can subscribe themselves and other interested parties to get an email alert when the Matter's fees reach 80% of the estimate. 



  • Helps avoid awkward conversations with clients and manage client expectations 
  • Provides an "at a glance" summary, as well as email alerts to stakeholders


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May 2022

Changes to Consolidated Billing 

Allow consolidated bills to have multiple contacts.


Previously, consolidated bills were only applied to bills where the primary contact on the bill had consolidated billing turned on. If it was turned on, any bills where the primary contact on one bill matched the primary contact on another bill, the two draft bills, would be consolidated. Only the primary contact would appear on the consolidated bill. Secondary contacts would not be included.


Now, more than one contact can be loaded to a consolidated bill, and we will support consolidating bills based on primary and secondary contacts. Bills will only be consolidated if the primary AND secondary contacts on the invoice match.



  • Clients get one bill for multiple invoices.
  • Bundled charges: Getting all client invoices consolidated makes budgeting and bookkeeping easier to track.
  • Fewer missed payments: Instead of forgetting or glossing over bills that are almost due by mistake, clients will only have a handful of invoices to keep track of. This can help transform making late payments or missing payments completely a thing of the past.


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Trust Receipts (Available for pilot in New Zealand)

Allows users to submit trust requests for payments received into their trust account. 


Learn More


Trust Matter Request Views (Available for pilot in New Zealand)

Allows users to view a matter-specific list of trust requests. 

  • Great for Attorneys or staff who want to review the statuses of requests related to a particular matter 


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Trust Multi-Transaction Support (Available for pilot in New Zealand)

Allows users to create a single request for multiple matters with a shared client. Supports invoice payments, payments, and receipts. 



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Trust Transfers (Available for pilot in New Zealand)

Allows users to request a transfer to a different matter on behalf of the client or to a different trust account (for example, transferring trust funds from one person's trust account to another person’s trust account).



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Microsoft 365 Calendar with Modern Authentication (Available in beta) 

Our new plugin lets you authenticate directly with Microsoft using Modern Authentication methods, utilizing the latest MS Calendar API and security standards.

  • Enhanced security 
  • Reduce authentication issues, use the same log in method as MS Outlook


We know how critical calendars are to our customers, so after rigorous internal testing we are now beta testing with several law firms prior to making this available to all customers.

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Briefly Integration 

Preview Actionstep documents, emails, email attachments, and file notes in a single browser window.


Briefly seamlessly integrates with Actionstep to quickly obtain the lists of your firm’s Actionstep matters and your matter documents, emails, and file notes.


When users select an item, Briefly seamlessly converts images and documents to PDFs on the fly, so you can locate and review the matter’s content quickly and easily.


Actionstep is tightly integrated with Briefly with a “Show in Actionstep” button, which opens the selected item inside Actionstep so you continue your workflow.



  • Easily sign in with Actionstep credentials
  • Preview Actionstep documents, emails, attachments, and file notes in a single browser window;
  • Broad compatibility including images and Microsoft Office documents;
  • Converts Microsoft Office documents to PDFs on the fly
  • Folder or list view of Actionstep matters, folders and their contents; and
  • Instant document search by title


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April 2022

Trust Requests(Now available for pilot in New Zealand)

This feature allows you to create a request and authorization process for client trust funds as well as create a draft state for trust transactions.

  • Allows users to remain compliant with NZ’s trust rules and regulations
  • Gain vital accounting controls 
  • Draft trust transactions ahead of time so when it's time to print and process transactions for clients, they're ready

We are currently beta testing this feature within your Actionstep system. We would love for you to pilot the first release of Trust Requests to help shape its further development before we make it available to all Actionstep customers.


To request access to this feature, please email your firm name and orgkey to gwen@actionstep.com from an email that matches an email associated with an Administrator with Account Authority.




Publish Client Invoices to Matter Documents (Now available in Early Access)


Easily share invoices with your clients or third parties, attach them to your emails, include them in document bundles, and push them into integrated documents systems.


This update will allow you to automatically save invoices directly to the relevant Matter. Once an invoice is finalized, it will be saved into a matter folder called "invoices" and you will then be able to provide external access to this folder, allowing you to share client invoices via the portal. 

  • Keep and share accurate records regarding invoices issued to customers
  • Firms can opt to share this folder with their clients via the client portal
  • Easily include invoices in bundles


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Kenect Integration (Available to US & CA customers only)

Text Messaging, Reviews, Video Chat and Payments


 Actionstep and Kenect have partnered to provide an all-in-one solution to customers. Law firms can get the shared power of Actionstep + texting. allows you to:

  • Send and receive text messages from your main business phone number
  • Contact sync with Actionstep and automatically tie the case to that contact
  • Conversation history with synced contacts
  • Streamline and improve your intake process

This is a great opportunity for your firm to get an amazing product at a discounted price. 

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Verify 365 Integration 

The identity verification and AML compliance platform. Built for security. Loved by lawyers.


Verify 365 are a legal sector AML (anti-money laundering), onboarding and ID verification platform that protects law firms and their clients from online identity fraud by making sure that a person is who they claim to be. The platform was developed by lawyers for lawyers. With the help of artificial intelligence, Verify 365 can analyze thousands of technological and behavioral variables in seconds, verifying over 10,000 documents from 195+ countries. By using Verify 365, lawyers can stay compliant in the knowledge their AML due diligence is completed quickly and securely. The identity document checks are 98% automated, making verification lightning fast and automated decisions clear and logical.


Key Features:

  • ID Verification: verification of the client and their document using biometric and NFC technology.
  • Address Verification: validating the client’s address automatically with proof of address upload.
  • Digital Bank Statements through Online Banking technology: providing lawyers with the financial and risk profile information, including instant digital bank statements directly from the bank.
  • Enhanced Source of Funds Checks: allowing the client to provide a confirmation and a breakdown of where the funds have come from, along with supporting evidence.
  • Global PEPs & Sanctions and Adverse Media Checks: verification and confirmation that a client isn’t included on any international PEP or Sanction lists, including global adverse media checks.

See how it works:


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FormEvo Integration (Available for UK customers only)

FormEvo is the next generation of legal forms, future proofing your practice. Save time retyping data into forms.

Built by the Cloudify Legal team, the FormEvo integration will prepopulate relevant fields in any forms available in FormEvo with data that has already been recorded on the Matter in Actionstep such as the client’s name, address, date of birth, date of marriage, property details, claim details, etc. All bespoke to your firm and the form you want to populate. 


Key Features:

  • Auto-populate forms with data from Actionstep in TWO clicks. No need to retrieve data from multiple places and manually entering
  • Easy to use, innovative and flexible forms to help you complete legal forms faster
  • Extensive and up to date cloud-based legal forms library of English, Welsh and Scottish form templates ensures you always complete the most current forms
  • Secure electronic sharing of forms and documents for review with electronic signing of completed forms means a faster process
  • Auto-calculate and auto-populate of up to 94% of form data reduces the number of requisitions

To book a free demo, sign up, and have the integration turned on, please contact Cloudify Legal.



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March 2022


Actionstep Payments - Refund Credit Card Payments in Actionstep

Making refunds easier for Actionstep Payments customers.

  • Bringing functionality to where users can interact with it
  • Insure accurate payout calculations for trust accounting

To learn more, please see our User Guide Article.





Actionstep Payments - Billing Email Template

Easily link to your correct payment default solution. 


When you enable Actionstep Payments you will see changes to your billing email template so that a link will display linking your invoice email to Actionstep Payments.

The link shown will depend on whether you use any other payments integrations (LawPay or ProPay) and how your invoice template is set up. 

  • Provides more flexibility
  • Link to your correct payment solution

To learn more, please see our User Guide Article




DocuSign Integration 

Come to an agreement faster with electronic signatures


Streamline the process of generating and signing engagement agreements. With Actionstep's integration with DocuSign, you can seamlessly send documents for digital signing. You can select documents to send, and parties to sign directly from the matter.



  • Increase speed, reduce costs - Complete agreements faster with significant savings by eliminating paper and manual processes
  • Simplify life - Make it easier for your clients and employees to do business on their mobile
  • Reduce risk - Full document encryption to ensure compliance and data privacy

To learn more, please see our User Guide Article.




WiseTime Integration

More billable hours with automate, AI-powered timekeeping. 


Actionstep and WiseTime work together to make billing more efficient. Save 30 - 60 minutes a day by eliminating manual entry and reliance on memory. Some users report a 40% increase in billable hours as a direct result of implementing WiseTime.


Simply work as normal and WiseTime accurately captures your activity in a private timeline. Actionstep IDs are automatically detected and tagged for you. You can even add charge codes and descriptions before sending to Actionstep.

  • No start-stop clocks or manual data entry. Captures all computer activity - supports all browsers and apps
  • Automatic recognition of Actionstep matter IDs; case files are tagged for you
  • Seamless Actionstep connection reduces admin and shortens the billing cycle
  • Improved client trust and collection rates through transparent reporting
  • Complete control. Your activity stays private until you say so
  • 30-day free trial

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February 2022


New 3D Payment Authentication Process 

Secure your account and meet compliance regulations 

(Applicable for UK & EU customers with administrative access only)

In accordance with the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and UK’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules, we have implemented 3D secure payment processing on the 22nd of February 2022.  This change was necessary to further secure our customers accounts and meet compliance regulations in the UK and EU.

To learn how to set up 3D Payment Authentication, please see our User Guide Article.


ActionBI Integration 

Free Business Intelligence for your Firm

ActionBI is your Actionstep Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting solution. ActionBI allows your firm, team and individual to visualize metrics from your web browser. Explore, 'Drill to Detail' and ask those questions about your firm's data, key metrics, and performance. There is nothing to install, set up or pay for to use ActionBI Freemium

Click Here to View ActionBI and Demo Data

How To Get Access

1. Request Actionstep to add your daily data export to your monthly subscription by emailing


2. Send your firm's logo to ActionBI@cloudify.legal

3. And then GET CURIOUS about your business!


Livesign Integration 

Livesign connects digital document signing with digital identity verification.

Available for our AUS customers, Livesign is a great tool used for conveyancing, it is the only app that binds digital signatures with government-issued photo ID, at the precise point of signing by:

  • Combining digital VOI and digital signature into one process
  • Digitally extracting the trusted government ID photo of your customer
  • Biometrically matching that trusted image to the person behind the device
  • Providing you with the signed CAF and detailed identity report


  • Instant identity verification at the exact moment of digital signing
  • Remove the risk of identity fraud
  • Reduce human input error caused by scanned ID documents
  • A safe and secure experience for your client
  • Simple, seamless process that works in seconds
  • Easily transition from paper witnessing to secure digital signing
  • Confidence for both your business and your client

Learn More


PEXA Integration (new features available)

A robust, secure and fast property settlement solution

Available for our AUS customers, PEXA is one of the only platforms in the world that lets you lodge documents with the land registry, and pay settlement funds at the same time.


  • Interact with PEXA without leaving Actionstep
  • Seamless Workflow, Matter Creation to PEXA Settlement
  • Improved Client Security - Reduces Keying Errors
  • Saves time - on average, 10 mins per matter

Live now:

  • Create your PEXA Workspace from Actionstep
  • Validation and prefilling of data from your Actionstep matter
  • Set and maintain settlement date from within the Actionstep matter
  • Invite PEXA Subscribers from the Konekta tile within your Actionstep matter
  • Show Workspace Summary within the Actionstep matter
  • Send out PEXA Key invitations to your client from Actionstep
  • Sync lodged Land Title documents from PEXA to your Actionstep matter

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January 2022

Create New Contacts from Email

Effortlessly create new contacts from emails with your Outlook Add-In

This feature enables you to quickly add new contacts to Actionstep. When you open an email, and the email address is not recognized as one of your contacts in Actionstep, you will now have the option to create a contact in Actionstep using the details from the email. Don't worry, Search and "Quick Assign" (where Actionstep suggests existing matters to assign emails) will continue to work the same way as they always have, this new feature is an additional way to get your new contacts into Actionstep.





November 2021

Client Receipt Screen:

Easily find and look up invoices that are addressed to multiple contacts

This update means that when you search for an invoice by contact, results will show invoices related to that contact, even when the contact is not the primary customer.


Every invoice will have at least one primary customer that the invoice is made out to but often you have multiple people responsible for a bill - this change means you can add any number of secondary customers to the bill.  


With this change, it should be easier for you to find the invoice you need to record a payment against and additionally, unblock any potential issues when processing a payment against multiple invoices.


Australia Family Law Add-On

In September 2021, the Australian Family & Federal Circuit Courts merged and we have updated all the documents with this merger. If you have installed our Family Law Add-On and need the updated documents and to disable all the outdated court forms, please click on this link and follow these instructions:



Changes to Support - Effective 9 November 2021 (NZT)

From 9 November 2021 (NZT), our Support Chat box will be removed, making way for a much better platform for resolving support queries and updating our customers on product improvements. 

Our new Support Platform will allow us to diagnose and prioritize issues more accurately, respond to and resolve issues faster, track and report on tickets easily and provide greater visibility for customers. It will also make it easier for you to find resources that help answer regular queries immediately without needing intervention from Support.


NOTE: If you had any conversations open with us already, they will either be resolved before the new platform goes live or seamlessly migrated to our new platform – either way, you won’t need to do anything to notify us about your existing conversations. 


Introducing our Help & Resources Menu 

From 9 November 2021, you will see a new Help & Resources Menu in Actionstep as per the screenshot below. This menu will allow you to submit a ticket or access our Help Center and other resources. We will also be introducing new items to this menu over time, based on your feedback. 



Clicking on the ‘Contact Support’ option will take you to a form to submit a support ticket. Alternatively, you can email support@actionstep.com and a ticket will automatically be created for you. If you have 2 minutes to spare and have some thoughts to share on your preferred methods of communicating with Support, please click on the survey link below.


Survey Link

As always, our focus is on delivering the best Support possible to our customers. These improvements are based on feedback from customers and in keeping with best practices in the industry. We expect them to significantly improve our overall customer experiences with Support and we appreciate your patience as we transition.


October 2021

Coming soon

Assigning Draft Emails to a Matter Through Outlook Add-in

We are re-introducing the function when you search and select a matter that an email will be assigned to while drafting an email. When you do this, you will have the email automatically saved to a matter as soon as it has been sent. Functions such as applying an email template, adding a contact from Actionstep as a recipient to the email, and attaching a document from a matter will still be available to you.

This function is going to be tested by a limited set of customers first before we make it generally available to all users in the weeks that follow.




Available Now

Recent Product Updates that were put Into Early Access are Now Available for All Customers 

  • Your Matters: Quickly access the matters that matter most to you on your homepage. 
  • Sticky Document Sorting: Actionstep will now remember how you like to order documents inside a matter.
  • Matter Appointments: Matter Appointments are conveniently available to view.  
  • Bulk Task Assignment: You can now select multiple tasks, and re-assign them to another team member from any Task List view. 
  • Selecting Matters Across Actionstep: We've made it faster to choose which matters you are putting work against in Actionstep. 

For more information on these updates and to learn how to obtain Early Access, see September's Update below. 


Trust Duplicate Check

To ensure accuracy in your trust records, Actionstep has introduced a duplicate check to any new trust transaction created. If the details of a trust receipt, trust payment, trust transfer, journal, or invoice payment from a trust match and the existing transaction in Actionstep, you will be prevented from saving that record. Instead, you will be given a warning message advising you of the duplicate, prompting you to review and change the details of the transaction you are trying to create. 

 A transaction will be considered a duplicate if the matter, amount, date, memo and trust account entered match an existing transaction. 



Merge Fields to Display Outstanding Bills for a Matter

We have created a new set of merge fields that will allow you to list out the invoices that are outstanding for a client. The merge fields will list all invoices that still have an amount owing and for each invoice you can display the invoice reference, date, original invoice total and balance due.

These merge fields can be added to an invoice template, document, and email templates to help you convey to your clients what is outstanding for them to pay. 



Invoice Deliver Settings on Step Change 

Step changes are used to drive automation and user data entry. This feature update brings invoice delivery settings into step changes and matter workflows so you can streamline your intake process by deciding how you will bill your clients on a step change, improving your billing efficiencies and saving time.



September 2021

Quickly Access Your Matters on Your Home Page

Gain access to your recently viewed, starred and assigned matters, straight from your home page with Actionstep's updated matter view.


Sticky Document Sorting

Actionstep will now remember how you like to order documents inside a matter. Prefer to have the most recently modified document on top? Actionstep will make this your default across all matters and logins – no more changing the sort order every time you open the documents view.


Matter Appointments

All Matter Appointments are conveniently available to view. Matter Appointments makes it easy to see all appointments related to the matter by providing a dedicated view of the appointment list, accessed via a new calendar icon within the matter menu bar.


Selecting Matters Across Actionstep - More Intuitive Matters Lists

It's now easier to choose which matters you are tracking time and activity against in Actionstep. Matters that have been closed will no longer clutter up the matter Lookup by default. Additionally, we also now give immediate access to the matters you've most recently accessed – no need to go searching for the matters you are actively working on. This is especially useful when creating time entries.


Bulk Task Assignment - Easily Manage Multiple Tasks at Once 

You can now select multiple tasks, and reassign them to another team member from any Task List view. For example, when you go on leave, you can bulk assign tasks to your colleague.


Early Access to New Features 

Want to get Early Access to new Actionstep features before they become generally available? Watch the video below to learn how to turn on Early Access. Please note: Only users with Admin access have the ability to turn this on.



BundleDocs Integration Improvements - Matter Emails

Users of our BundleDocs integration will now have the option to be able to select emails within the generated bundles. This is a great way to be able to pull all the relevant documents and emails from a matter to share with a third party. 

July 2021

Improvements to General Journals

Disbursements can now be set to bank and credit cards to allow you to deal with transactions like bank fees and any adjustments that touch your bank account. To ensure that the appropriate details are captured against these transactions, you can also add a linked contact to the debit or credit that is set to your bank account or credit card.


Disbursement Tracking

Users will now find it easier to track expenses that you are waiting for your client to reimburse you for before you pay your vendor. This improvement adds four new functions:

  • A new default disbursement/expense list view that will give details or all Vendor invoices that are unpaid where the expense has been billed onto the client and the client has paid
  • New custom disbursement/expense list view options so that admins can incorporate more details about vendor invoice and bills their own list views
  • A new message that appears anytime you process a client receipt to advise that a relevant vendor invoice can now be paid
  • A new Vendor reference field on the disbursement/expense record for Express and Practice Pro users to make it easier for them to record vendor information on the record.


June 2021

MiTimes Integration

The MiTimes integrations allows firms to pass auto-timesheet information from the MiTimes platform’s Microsoft Outlook and custom phone connectors through to Actionstep as timesheet entries. This is an interesting upgrade for firms looking to recover a higher percentage of billable hours and reduce admin.


May 2021

New filter options for the Aged Receivables report

Allowing users to filter out matters that appear in the report based on their status and adding in new summary options so that you can see your Aged Receivables summarized by your client or you matter.


Faster Firm Withdrawal processing

Ensuring line items in Withdrawals display expense accounts first when selecting what GL account to code the expense to will make the Withdrawal screen easier to use and faster for users to enter data into.


April 2021


Miscellaneous improvements

  • Allowing users with NetDocuments to be abled to access their NetDocuments using their Single Sign On rather than than their NetDocuments login details.

  • New filter options on the Aged Receivables report so that you can filter by matter status and have your AR summarised by your clients and/or matters



March 2021 

New skins for the Actionstep Mobile App

A new fresh look to the layout and functions of the Actionstep Mobile app.



Resight Integration

Available for our US customers, Resight allows firms to request client feedback n the closure of cases in Actionstep and publish that feedback directly on review sights like Google, Facebook, Avvo and lawyer.com.


New Launchpad and Sign in screens

You might notice something different as you login to Actionstep. We have done a redesign of our login and Lauchpad screens.


Sign into Actionstep with Microsoft or Google

With the new look sin-up screen you will now be able to use your Microsoft Office or Google Account to be able to login to Actionstep.



January to April 2021

New email functionality

This email functionality was rolled out progressively to our entire user base over a four month period. The new features introduced were:


Send emails out of Actionstep using your own person email address

Users can now configure their own personal mailbox in Actionstep so that as they send emails they can be from their own personal address.


Configure multiple shared outbound mailboxes

While still supporting the same methods for getting emails into Actionstep, this allows a firm to be able to setup any number of shared mailboxes that staff can use to send emails out of Actionstep. These addresses can be used by any staff member to ensure that your communication is coming from the right people.



January 2021

Admin's can disable MFA for individual users 

Admins now have the ability to ensure users can still get into Actionstep if they lose their phone or access to their authentication option.


New permissions for can create time/fee entry and disbursements

Available on our Practice Pro+Accounting plan, admins can now setup users with no permission to create billable items if required.


New merge fields to help with quoting clients

We introduced new options you can use in your document and email templates to show the quoted amount, what the quote includes and any pre-agreed discounts that you enter onto your matter.


Miscellaneous improvements

  • Updated the standard invoice template "Legal Invoice 2" to allow for personalised messages to be displayed in the clients bill.

  • Allowed webforms to be able to capture the county of a contact.

  • Allow the default disbursement/expense account to be set to an asset account.



December 2020

New Document Assembly Tool to help creating document templates

Users can now install a Add-in from the Microsoft store to allow them to use a band new tool to make creating templates easier. The add-in creates a a panel where a user can see the most common information on their matter that they can insert into the template the are building. The tool allows a user to:

  • Merge data from your matter directly into a document template.

  • Preview templates based on matters in your system.

  • Publish & share your templates for your team to use.

  • Access & edit existing templates created by you & your team.


Further NetDocuments integration enhancements including:

  • Generating a document in Actionstep that saved to NetDocuments on a step change, from a contact or from a matters data collection.

  • Assigning a Document type to a generated document.

  • Assigning a default Document type to templates in Actionstep.

  • Update to the NetDocuments setup page in Actionstep.



October 2020 

Search on the Admin screen

There is a lot that can be configured on the Actionstep Admin page. Now, to help users find the setting they are after, they can use the search to find the appropriate setting.



Option to choose to not send trust transactions through to Xero

When on an Actionstep Express or Practice Pro system, the integration with Xero would push through all transactions, including trust transactions. Now, you can choose to have your bills and payment transactions pushed through to Xero but not your trust transactions.



  • Enabled contact fields that allow the contacts recorded in the system to be compliant with CLASS formats.
  • Minor improvements to the Outlook add-in like seeing the step a matter is on and being able to see search results as you type.
  • Filters on list views will now show a count number of how many filters are being applied. This should help people understand when a filter is applied.


September 2020

Gender Options Creator

Recognising that there are more genders in today's world than male and female, you can now have other options for your contacts. We have found that different jurisdictions and reporting bodies have different accepted values so we are allowing an admin user to create the different genders that your users can select from.




Improvements to Actionstep's NetDocuments Integration

We have made some improvements to our integration with NetDocuments to make it a more seamless experience between the two systems. This includes:

  • Sending the mater type through to NetDocuments when creating a workspace so that you can customize your workspaces based on the type of matter.
  • Update the name of the workspace in NetDocuments when you change the name of the matter or the client in Actionstep.
  • Introduced an option to hide Actionstep's document management screen when NetDocuments is enabled for a system.
  • Send the close date through to NetDocuments when a matter is closed in Actionstep.


Anti-Money Laundering fields on contact records

You can now set an Actionstep Practice Pro or Practice Pro+Accounting system to have a new set of fields on a contact record. These fields allow you to monitor how you are evaluating your contacts to comply with Anit-Money Laundering regulations. 

We have also added a badge that appears beside each contact so that you can track if you have or are in the process of checking a contact for anti-money-laundering risk.



Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication for some users

Actionstep introduced mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users who are connected to an Actionstep system that is integrated with Xero, or Australian and New Zealand users who have access to accounting in Actionstep. While making these users access more secure, this change also complies with tax office regulations.



Prevent/allow a matter from being closed with unbilled disbursements

We have added new criteria to control when a user can close a matter. Matter types can be set so that you can choose to stop matters of that type from being able to be closed with

  • unbilled time still on the matter

  • unbilled disbursements still on the matter
  • open or draft invoices on the matter

or any combination of the three.




August 2020

Seeing who assigned you a task

We made some change to Tasks and how they appear on the alert bar. You can now see the details of who assigned you a task or if the task was created automatically as part of a step-change. As well as being able to see it on the task, we also made some changes to the tasks that appear on the alert bar so that you can see who assigned them to you, which matter they are for and explained these details with tooltips.




  • Opening appointments from the alert bar open as a dialogue. Now, when you navigate to the bottom of the Actionstep screen to your appointments and open an appointment, you are no longer navigated to your calendar. You can see your appointment and update it without losing your current place in Actionstep.
  • New merge field option to show the invoice number that a scheduled fee is linked to. When you choose to charge a fixed fee on a matter, Actionstep lets you break down those fees into a schedule. You can now reference all the details of scheduled payments in your documents and emails.
  • Open your matter from within Outlook. There is now a handy, one-click option to open your matter straight from your Outlook add-in for 365.

June 2020

Use email templates through the Outlook add-in
Building on the popular add-in for Outlook 365, you are now able to apply an email template that you have created in Acitonstep to a draft email you are composing in Outlook. With this function, users will be able to save hours writing emails while still using their preferred email client. 
Add a contact from Actionstep as a recipient to a draft email in Outlook
Further improvements to our Outlook add-in, you can now search for and add any contact in Actionstep to the email you are composing in Outlook.
Miscellaneous improvements
  • A new merge field option so that you can reference any detail of a contact that is loaded as matter data within your email and document templates.
  • New column on users list view to show if they have enabled 2 Factor Authentication
  • Slight upgrades to the edit contact screen (like placing the save button onscreen at all times)

May 2020

GlobalX integration for Australian customers
Australia's leading title and company search provider is now able to be accessed through Actionsteps Integrations page. Allowing you to complete your searches in GLobalX, Actionstep will keep a copy of the order on your matter and create a disbursement for the cost. 
Konekta Integration
Konekta provides smart connections for Actionstep. Optimised for the conveyancing sector, Konekta provides access to a range of advanced search and compliance connections between Actionstep and essential industry tools all available from your matter.
Miscellaneous improvements
  • An update to the importer tool that is used to migrate data and documents from other systems so that imports can be done faster. 

April 2020

Outlook Add-in: Allowing users to assign tasks to others

Allowing for better collaboration within the office, a user can now create a task for any matter or any user from the Outlook add-in for Mircosoft 365. Now, when an email results in follow up work a user can create and assign it to any other user.


Outlook Add-in: Create file notes, time records, contacts and tasks before you assign an email

Creating a new item in Actionstep can now be triggered without having to assign an email first. With this change, regardless of what email you are looking at you can create a new item related to any matter.


Outlook Add-in: Rename an attachment as you save it to a matter

Accurately storing your documents is easier as you can save any incoming document in your inbox to the folders you want on the matter and can rename it as you do so. 


Outlook Add-in: Suggestions on Compose screen


Now when you go to compose an email in Outlook, Actionstep's Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 will suggest matters that the email can be associated to based on the contacts in the To, CC and BCC on your email. 


Outlook Add-in:Bulk assign from sent items  

You can now use the bulk assign option in Actionstep's Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 to be able to search your sent items in Outlook and assign as many emails as you want at once. 


Miscellaneous improvements

  • New release process for rolling out updates and fixes to ensure minimal disruption to users.
  • Allow users to restrict certain steps on a matter so that a user cannot bill the matter at that step. 
  • A new option on merge fields that will display any detail from a contact that you load to matter data allowing you to reference contacts in new ways.
  • Displaying sort orders numbers on Participant type custom data so that a user who is able to set the order of participant fields easily. Also added the same function for custom data that is displayed when configuring a step change.  


March 2020

Actionstep Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Manage Your Practice From Outlook & Get Control of Your Inbox


Actionstep has released the most comprehensive Outlook add-in for Office 365 available for law firms. This new Add-in gives firms using Office 365 a broad suite of practice management functions right in their inbox. 

This add-in reduces the productivity loss of constantly moving between programs and improves the quality of the data in Actionstep - because real time updates are more complete, timely and accurate. The add-in can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

Stay in Outlook while you:

  • Get control of our inbox - assign emails, attachments and email threads to matters – clearly see what's been filed 
  • Manage contacts - Create new contacts & edit existing contacts
  • Manage matters - Keep matter files updated in real time with relevant documents, file activity & notes
  • Stay on top of matter tasks - review, update & create tasks
  • Keep track of time – Create & assign billable time to matters
  • Client communications - Automatically keep clients informed of matter developments

So you'll get control of your inbox, streamline administrative processes and eliminate data entry duplication.  

Learn more about using the Add-in 


Displaying matter details on an appointment hover tool

We have updated the information that is displayed when you hover your cursor over an appointment in the Actionstep calendar view. Now you will see the matter number and name if the appointment is linked to a matter, making it easier for you to identify appointments when your day or week is crowded.


New menu for Emails

We have replaced the Email menu's in Actionstep with a new "Comms" menu instead. We are making this small change in preparation for adding new ways that you can record communications with your customers. The change will affect the email at the top of the screen and the icon on your matter. 



December 2019

Better Deposit slips for all

We have pushed our improved deposit slips out to all users. The new function makes creating deposit slips more intuitive and faster for the user. Have a read on the details here: Deposit Slips.


Regionally hosted email services

We have expanded the number of servers we have worldwide that emails are sent from. If you are using our servers for your emails, they will be sent from a server in the same location as where your Actionstep data is hosted. 

Miscellaneous improvements

  • VAT e-filing returns now standard for all. All UK users will now have the ability to be able to file their VAT returns electronically without having to opt-into this option.
  • Accessibility compliant search and select contact widget. An update to the function that lets you search for and select a contact to add to a matter means that those with accessibility issues will be able to use this function.


November 2019

Instant support chat

We have introduced a new way for you to reach out to us. Use the green button in the bottom right of Actionstep to chat with a member of our support team from anywhere in Actionstep. Take a second to say hello and get the answer to your burning questions.



Banking screen update

A feature we have had under preview for a while now is standard for all users. The Banking screen gives a graphical representation of your bank accounts and allows you new ways to navigate to items related to banking. See Banking for more details.


October 2019

New reports view available for all

We have revamped how you search for and open reports. Now available to all, this has been a popular option previously accessible through our feature flag option and some of you might have been using this already.

The new screen is displayed whenever you go to access a report from the Reports menu. It will break the reports down into categories and allow you to easily favourite certain reports, filter by report type or easily search reports for the one you are after.



Document Versioning

We have allowed users to be able to create and access old versions of the documents saved to matters. See Document Versioning for all the details.


Added sort order numbers to listed items in the Matter Types screen

You can now hover over any item such as the steps on a workflow or the matter data fields to see the sort order of those items. Available on the Matter Type screens, under Admin, the feature makes it faster for you to identify how items are sorted so you can re-order them easily.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • New options for consolidated bills and divisions from the daily data extract custom reporting tool to give further reporting options.
  • Added a delete button to customized bill templates to remove any you no longer require.
  • Updated Credit Notes to allow for any rounding issues with sales tax on partially paid invoices.


September 2019

New Admin screen

We introduced a new Admin screen for all users to simplify how an admin user can configure and customize their Actionstep. This was a major overhaul to make the admin section a much easier to use and understand place. 



Improved ways to build Matter Types

Along with the new Admin screen, we have rebuilt how you configure your Matter Types within Actionstep. With a new layout, clearer interactions and useful information as you make your changes.




Available for all users with Actionstep Accounting, you can create a refund for any overpayment or outstanding credit note that your client has given you. Client Refunds.


QuickBooks Online Integration for All

Users are now able to link any system that was using Actionstep Accounting with their QuickBooks Online subscription. The QuickBooks Integration was available to new users, now it is available to all existing users on Actionstep Accounting.


Annual Subscriptions

Every user can now sign up to Actionstep on a monthly or annual basis. Annual Subscription FAQ


Default Additional Notes

You can now customize a message that will appear in all your invoices, with a quick update of a new field. Users will find this under the Invoice Defaults on the Billing Settings.


Miscellaneous improvements

  • Access to a list view of the tasks that are created in a step change to allow admin users to be able to see more details about all their tasks at once.
  • You can now collaborate and edit any Office document online through your Office 365 account.  We have moved this off an option opt-in feature flag and made it available to all. Opening a Document In Microsoft Office Online.


August 2019

Customizable Monthly Insight Emails Using Heads Up Rules

Heads Up Rules have been one of the best-kept secrets in Actionstep for years now. With this release, they are now able to be set on a monthly basis unlocking the ability to be used for monthly reporting on your business. By creating a custom list view, filtering it to the information required, then setting up a Heads Up rule on just about any detail you want from your system. Read up on how to create Heads Up rules here.



The Matter Balances report

Our newest billing report, the Matter Balances report is designed to let you know how your business was looking at any given point in time, broken don by each matter. The report will show you the amounts owing and the WIP for each matter at the nominated date and will break down how those amounts are made up. And to give full context, we will display trust and retainer balances for each matter at that date as well. You will find the Matter Balances report under Reports > Billing Reports.


Product Tours

We have introduced a new integration which will allow us to give users tours of the product. You will see these popping up in various places in the system, especially with new features to help you understand how to use the Actionstep function.


Update to the Time and Fee Entry Report

The TIme and Fee Entry report helps you understand what users are spending their time on. This report was designed to help track the billable time or fees you record and gain insight into them. The change we have introduced it to include non-billable time in the report so you can get a fuller picture of what users are recording time doing. 


Displaying deceased contacts clearer

You can now see on a contact record clearly if the contact has been marked as deceased.


Miscellaneous improvements

  • A new option to add to your invoice templates to show the name of the rate for time records that you record. 
  • Displaying a draft bills invoice number on the PDF of that bill.
  • Added more billing options to our Express and Practice Pro products.