Shared Reporting Configurations

Modified on Mon, 06 Mar 2023 at 10:16 AM

Report Configurations allows users and administrators to pre-set filter values for their most commonly used Reports. These are controlled on the right of the screen when you are looking at the report settings. New configurations will be displayed there, just click on them to apply the filters to the report. It is also in this box to the right that new configurations are created.



Saving Configurations

To save a personal Configuration, open a Report as normal and set the filters on the report that you want to be saved to your configuration. Once set, go to the shared configuration box to the right and click Save current configuration.


Once you do, you will be given options to give the configuration a name and, if you are an administrator, chose who can access this configuration, set what filters can be or entered by a user using the configuration. 

A non-Administrator user can save the configuration for their own use later. Just enter in a configuration name, and click Save Configuration.

An Administrator user will have more options. They can set the name and make it a private configuration that they can access as well but they will also be able to choose what system role in Actionstep can access this configuration. 

They can also choose to show or hide the filters. This is handy as hiding the filters will simply running the report for users but showing them will allow them to be able to change details, like the date range.

There will also be a section for an Administrator to make filters read-only. Using this option means they can see what filters are being applied to the report but they will not be able to change them. 

A Hide on a filter will over-ride a Read-only on a filter. So if you tick both for the same filter the user will not see the filter option.



Deleting Configurations

To delete a Configuration, just click the X beside the name of the configuration.

Please note, a regular user cannot delete Configurations that have been saved by administrators for System Roles. Only administrators are allowed to do so.


Can I edit my Configurations? 

Once you create and save a configuration, you cannot edit it. Make sure you carefully review your configuration before saving!

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