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The Quick Search Bar provides a method to search for matters and contacts.



The Quick Search Bar is displayed in the top-right corner of most screens in Actionstep.


Searching for Matters and Contacts


The Search Field accepts text to return matters and contacts using the following criteria:


  • Matter ID

  • Matter Name

  • Matter File Reference

Matter ID

Searches performed by matter ID must start with the number at the beginning of the Matter ID. For instance, searching '3' will return a matter ID of 332 but not 2223. The search parameters must match, at least, the first number of the matter ID.

Matter Name

Matters can be searched by matter names. This includes any word in the matter name. This does not include a partial string in the middle of the word. For instance: Typing ‘tin’ will not return ‘Martin,’ but it will return ‘Tina.’

Matter File Reference

Matters can be searched using the File Reference entered on the matter. References must be entered with the starting numbers or letters. For instance: ‘04’ will return a matter with the reference ‘043.45,’ but it will not return ‘3904’



  • Contact Name

Contact Name

Contacts can be searched by the name on the contact record. Partial names can be searched; however, the search-term must be the beginning of a word in the contact name. That is: ‘son’ will not return ‘Johnson,’ but ‘Joh’ will.


Search terms are not case sensitive.


 Advanced Search

Advanced Search can be accessed at the bottom of the results.


This navigates the user to the Advanced Search screen.


Search Hierarchy

Matter searches are returned based on a hierarchy. If there are Active matters that meet the search criteria, only they will return in search results even if there are inactive or closed matters that also meet the search criteria. If there are no Active matters, only Inactive matters will be returned. If there are no Active or Inactive matters that meet the search criteria, only then will the search return closed matters.


Matters will the ‘Template’ status are considered Closed matters and will return along with Closed matters.



The only permissions that effect the Quick Search bar, are those that control access to matters. Users cannot search matters they do not have permission to access. This includes inability to read matter types (set in data permissions), restricted matters, and deleted matters.

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