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 In the step actions section, you can choose what will happen as a user moves a matter to this step. For each switch that is displayed, there will be a number of options to choose what is created, what the user is prompted to do or what is allowed to happen on this step.

For the email options to show please switch the emails section to "On".

The email section will appear at the bottom of your screen:

In this section, you can have Actionstep send an email to a party on the matter automatically as the matter is moved to this step. 

If you have any existing step email templates setup, they will display in this in this section listing who the email is set to go from, to and the subject of the email. 

You can edit an existing email template by clicking on it.

NOTE: Step emails are different from email templates (the ones that you can create on your matter type) Creating Email Templates. The emails you create here are only able to be sent on the step change, however , you can use an existing matter email template as the basis for creating a step email template.

Creating A New Step Email Template

Click on the Create new email button.

Enter the details for the email. 

Description of email fields:

From PartyThis is the party that the email will be sent from.
The dropdown will display the participant types that are set to your matter type and you select the one you want.
If there is more than one contact loaded to that role on a matter, then the first contact will be used. The 'From' email address, displayed on the email will be taken from the contact record of that user. Depending on your email setup the email might use that user's email address or it might be the internally configured email address.
This is typically an internal contact like 'lawyer'.
To Party

This is the party that the email will be sent to. 

The dropdown will display the participant types that are set to your matter type and you select the one you want. 

If there is more than one contact loaded to that role on a matter, then each contact will get their own separate email.


By default, as a user goes to move to this step, the 'Step change' screen will display some details about the email and the user can untick a checkbox to ensure that the email is not sent as part of the step change.

If you switch the 'Required' option to 'On', then the user does not have the option to not sent the email. It must be sent when the matter is moved to this step.

WARNING - if set to required, the email is sent when the step is changed and there is no warning or preview.
Use a templateIf you have already created an email template on your matter type that you would like to use for this step email template, you can use this switch to do so.

When switched to 'On', the Subject and Message body fields will be replaced with a drop-down where you can select the matter email template that you want to use.

The subject and Message body will be populated from the template.

Only email templates that are loaded against the matter type that your step is on will display in this drop down.

SubjectThis is the subject of the email as it will appear when received.
Message bodyThis is the body of the email that will be sent. Above the body, text box will be a toolbar allowing you to apply different format options to the email.

For both the Message body and the Subject, you can use merge fields to personalize the email.

Merge fields allow you to insert in details from the matter such as the client's name, a custom data date or the name of the matter. 

Any merge fields you enter here will have to be inserted within double square brackets, for example: [[File_Reference]] will show the matters file reference.

To learn more about how merge fields work see Merge Fields.

After you have created the email template a user will see the email on the 'Step change' screen under a section called "Messages". Each email will show the participant type that it will be sent from and to and the subject. 

By clicking on the view button, the user will be able to see a preview of what the email will look like.



 If you have merge fields within your email template, when previewing, it will not show the value of the merge field.

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