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This article explains where you can find and customize email templates that will accompany your invoices to your clients. 

Your Actionstep system comes with a ready-made template to accompany your invoices/bills to your customers/clients. This template is customizable and you may want to customize it to suit your needs. 


To find the invoice/bill email template in your system. Go to Admin  - Email - Email Templates - New Template (green button on right-hand side) and select Standard Bill Email. 






You can then use this as your base to change the template to suit your needs. Make sure to choose Billing Email as your template type. Give your new invoice/bill template a template name and make changes to the subject line and the message body as required. Then hit the Green Save button on the bottom of the screen. 



You can change your billing settings so your custom email is used as the default for any hourly/fixed fee invoices or you can choose to use the email/bill template on a matter-by-matter basis. 


To use for all Fixed Fee and/or Hourly invoices


Go to Admin - Billing - and look at the setting for hourly and fixed fee invoicing - you can change the email template that is used in both or one of these sections




Once you have made your changes hit the green save button at the bottom of the screen. 


To use on a matter-by-matter basis

Go to the matter where you would like to use your custom invoice email template and then go to the billing menu (calculator from the matter's Menu). Choose Matter billing options on the left-hand side and then select the email template you wish to use as indicated below. 




Once selected - click the green save button on the bottom of your screen and any invoices sent in relation to this matter will use your custom invoice/bill email template. 


TIP: If you are in doubt when creating bill email templates or how any of the merge fields work, please contact one of our Consulting Partners in order for them to create your template for you.


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