Default Task Notifications

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Default (or automated) tasks are tasks that are automatically created when a step is changed in a matter. They can have set popups or email notifications for a specified party to receive when a task is created, completed, changed from completed, or on a date offset from the task's due date.

Setting Notifications

  1. Navigate to Admin > Matter Types > {your matter type} > Workflow > {your step} > Tasks
  2. In the 'Tasks' section of the Edit Workflow Step screen, select the "No Notification" link.

    Task setup on a workflow step showing no notificattions set up


    This may say a number of notifications if they have been set up previously:

    Task setup on a workflow step showing 1 notificattion set up

  3. The "Auto-assigned task notifications" popup screen will appear.

    auto-assigned task notifications pop up
  4. Select the "Create one" link or "Add notification" button. This launches the "New default task notification" screen. It has 5 sections outlined below.


    The general section allows the selection of a matter party to whom the task notification is assigned. This dictates which user will receive the notification. 

    *Note: Select a role that contains a user on the matter, so they can see system popups and receive emails.

    On task createdThis section allows a notification to be created when the task is created. As soon as the task is generated on the matter, the notification is sent.
    On task completedThis section allows a notification to be created when the task is completed. As soon as the task is generated on the matter, the notification is sent.
    On task changed from completedSends a notification when the task status is moved from complete to incomplete.
    On task due date

    Send a notification on the due date of the task. An offset can be designated to send before the task due date. e.g. The offset can be one hour to receive a notification one hour before the task due date.

    Task notification options

Email Notifications

An email is sent to the assigned user with basic task information. 

Task email notification

You can also select an email template (complete with merge fields) to be sent on tasks created, completed, changed, or due date, and these can also be sent externally to the Client.

Popup Notifications

A popup is generated in the system for the assigned user.

Video on task notifications and how they can assist your business is in the link below: 

Task/Email Notifications


Examples of how/when you could use this feature:

  • When you want to notify the lawyer that trust funds have been received and they can start work. For example, your trust account administrator/paralegal or accounts person may receipt funds only (not the lawyers) and they are waiting to start work once funds have been received. On the engagement step, you could assign a task for the paralegal or accounts person to receipt trust funds when received. When this task is marked as complete an email is auto-generated to the lawyer with merge fields such as action ID and action name letting them know the amount of trust funds received and that they can begin work. 
  • If trust funds haven't been received by the task due date you could have an auto-generated email go to the client stating that their trust funds have not yet been received and work cannot be started until receipt. 
  • You could have an auto email notification set on received engagement letter signed - so an email to send to the Client on the task due date and if not complete, it sends a reminder to the client about their engagement letter. 
  • You could have an auto-generated email letting the other party's lawyer know that you have finished the review of the contract and will be discussing it with your clients and contacting them after this. 
  • You could have an auto-generated email sent to a client at the end of a transaction, letting them know you have updated their matter details in the system and if there are any review dates that you will be in contact with them to review their will, talk about their next visa application, discuss their deed, etc, etc in due course. 
  • Anytime you need to send a reminder email or let someone know when work has been completed or is going to be started then this could be automated. 


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