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The Home Screen is the landing page you reach when you first log into Actionstep that will contain the navigation bar at the top to see certain areas and features. This article will walk you through a breakdown of all of the items you will see on the homepage.

NOTE: Please note that the menus you see may be different due to your permissions. This is the view of an administrator who has access to all menus.


Top Menu

Actionstep user interface top bar

Organization Menu

This is where you will find information concerning your business and your subscription.

Actionstep user interface organization menu

When you hover over this menu the following menu items may appear:

Organization Key -  This is a unique ID for your database - you may be asked for this when you are speaking with someone at Actionstep.

Business Contact Record - this is the contact record for your organization. These details are normally used on your document templates so that if your address is updated this will pull through to your templates. 

Subscription Settings - Gives details concerning your subscription and how it is paid for. You can find your Actionstep Invoices here.

Launch Pad - This will only show if you have access to more than one Actionstep system - it will take you back to a launchpad so you can log in to another Actionstep system.

My Profile

You can click on your profile name to launch My Profile. From your profile, you can update your password, edit your contact record, set up your email settings, etc. 


This will lead you to the Actionstep User Guide. 


This will lead you to our Admin Menu - where you can make administrative changes to your Actionstep System. 

Log out

This is where you can log out of your Actionstep System. 


Main Menu

Actionstep user interface main menu


Clicking on "Home" will always lead you back to your Home Screen. 


This menu takes you to your "Matters List" where by default you can see a list of all Matters assigned to you. If your administrator/CCP has set up any custom list views in relation to Matters then you will access these lists here. 


This menu takes you to a list of all your bills in various stages and payments. 


This menu takes you to a list of all your Tasks. If your administrator/CCP has set up any custom list views in relation to Tasks then you will access these lists here. 


This menu takes you to your supplier invoices, chart of accounts, cheques, banking menu, Sales Tax, etc. 


This menu takes you to all your trust transactions 


This menu takes you to all of your Actionstep reports concerning Matters, Accounting, Billing, and Trust. 


This menu will take you to your calendar and various views of your appointments. 


This menu takes you to a complete list of all your Contacts. If your administrator/CCP has set up any custom list views in relation to Contacts then you will access these lists here. 


This menu takes you to your timesheet, disbursements, and time entries. If your administrator/CCP has set up any custom list views in relation to disbursements or time entries then you will access these lists here. 


Takes you to your Actionstep Email box. 


Will take you to additional menus for Webforms, Knowledge Base, and Advanced Search. Webforms are where you can create web forms to obtain client/matter details from your website. The knowledge base is where you can create an internal library for staff and advanced search is really useful for doing full database searches for emails, file notes, and documents. 

Search Box 

You can use the search box to search for matters or contacts. 

The Global Create Button 

The Global Create Button is the green button in the top-right-hand corner of your Actionstep interface. Whatever you need to do you should be able to find it here. Whether it is wanting to write an email, putting a file note against an action, or creating a new matter, this is your first port of call.


Home Screen Panels

Actionstep user interface home screen panels

Your Matters

This section shows all the matters that you have accessed recently, Any matters that are assigned to you, and your Starred (favorites) matters.

The Scratchpad

This is a spot for you to put your thoughts and notes. Got an idea, a general task that you need to do then type it in. So often you just have a thought that needs to be recorded, that's what your Scratchpad is for.

Recent Activity

This will show you what has been happening in your database. You can see what you and other staff are doing and also see notifications when people assign tasks to you or when you get an email. 

Setup Checklist box

Found on the left-hand side of the screen, this is a brief list of things to do to get your database functioning as it would if it were a live database. Click on one of the options to be taken to a page on how to do each task. Once you have completed an item on the checklist it will show as completed. Complete them all and the box will disappear from your view.

Getting Started box

Found on the left-hand side of the screen, this is a good way to learn how to start using Actionstep. It covers everyday functions such as creating contacts and creating your first matter.


This will show the current month with today's date highlighted. As you enter appointments and meetings into your calendar you will see various parts of it highlighted to show the meetings you have. Click on any day in the calendar to open your Actionstep calendar on that day. It is heat mapped meaning that it will display orange, or red depending on how busy your calendar gets. 


A list of all your appointments scheduled for the current day. Clicking on an appointment will open it to give you more details. 


You and other Actionstep users can assign tasks to you. In this box, you will see the tasks that are assigned to you and are due today. Again, click on any of the listed tasks to see more details.

Time Records

A summary of the time records that you have entered for today. Clicking on any time record will open your time recording screen.

No labels

Bottom Bar/Notification Centre

This will show numbers in red when things are overdue.

Actionstep user interface bottom bar/notification centre


You can click this to Time Record


The number of web forms that have been submitted

Portal Chat

Any chats that you need to look at


Documents that you have checked out


Any emails that need follow up


Calendar appointments


Overdue Tasks


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