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The Actionstep Home page is the landing page you see when you first sign in to Actionstep. It contains navigation options as well as panels with shortcuts to tasks or other information you may want to quickly access. This article shows you all of the different items you might see on your Home page.

NOTE:  Based on your permissions, the options covered in this article may be different than what you see in your own system. What's described here covers the view of an administrator who has access to all menus.

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Top-Level Menu

The top-level menu includes tools for managing your profile, your subscription, and settings for your firm. 

On this menu, you'll find the following options:

Organization Menu


This menu contains information about your business and your subscription. When you hover over this menu, the following menu items may appear:

  • Organization Key: This is a unique ID that is used to identify your organization within Actionstep. You may be asked for this when you are speaking with someone from Actionstep.
  • Business / Division Contact Record: This is the contact record for your organization. Some of the details on this page (like address, etc.) are normally used in your documents. This means that if you edit your information here, your address is automatically updated in your documents. 
  • Subscription Settings: This shows options for reviewing your subscription (including any add-ons you're currently using) and how it is paid for. You can also find your Actionstep Invoices here.
  • Launch Pad: This option is shown if you have access to more than one Actionstep system. When you select, it displays a page that lists all of the Actionstep systems you have access to.

My Profile

You can click on your profile name to view the My Profile page. From your profile, you can update your password, edit your contact record, set up your email settings, etc.


This option displays a Help and Support list, where you can access the knowledge base, contact support, review all available webinars, explore potential add-ons and integrations, and review the latest features and updates made to Actionstep.


If you have admin privileges, clicking this takes you to our Admin area, where you can make administrative changes to your Actionstep system.

Log Out

Use this option to sign out of Actionstep.


Main Menu

The main menu provides access points to the different areas of Actionstep.


Clicking Home displays the Actionstep Home page. 


This menu gives you access to all of your different matters. Matters are typically grouped into matter types, which you can select from this menu. Or you can select Matter List to view all of the matters you have access to. 


This menu takes you to a list of all your bills in various stages and payments. 


This menu takes you to a list of all your tasks. If your administrator/Actionstep partner has set up any custom list views for tasks, you can access these lists here. 


This menu gives you access to your supplier invoices, chart of accounts, checks, banking options, and so forth.


This menu shows you all of your trust transaction options.


This menu takes you to all of your Actionstep reports, including reports for your matters, accounting, billing, and trust. 


This menu displays your calendar and various views of your appointments. 


This menu takes you to a complete list of all your Contacts. If your administrator/Actionstep partner has set up any custom list views for Contacts, you can access these lists here. 


This menu takes you to your timesheet, disbursements, and time entries. If your administrator/Actionstep partner has set up any custom list for disbursements or time entries, you can access these lists here. 


This menu takes you to your Actionstep email options. 


This menu shows additional menus for Webforms, Knowledge Base, and Advanced Search:

  • Webforms allow you to create web-based forms to obtain client/matter details. 
  • The knowledge base is where you can create an internal library of information for your staff.
  • Advanced search lets you perform full Actionstep searches for emails, file notes, and documents. 

Search Matters & Contacts Box 

You can use this search box to search for matters or contacts. 

The Global Create Button 

Use this button to perform many different tasks in Actionstep across a wide variety of features.


Home Page Panels

 The different panels on the home page provide a snapshot view of what you're working on, including any tasks and appointments you might need to complete.

Getting Started

This panel provides resources for setting up and using Actionstep. You can minimize this section by clicking Hide. Click one of the options to be taken to a page on how to do each task. Once you have completed an item on the checklist, it will show as completed. Once all tasks are completed, this panel will no longer be visible.

Your Matters

This section shows all the matters that you have accessed recently, any matters that are assigned to you, and any matters you have marked as a favorite.


Use this panel to track your notes. You can add due dates (or reminders) to your notes as well as archive them once you no longer need to review them. Finally, once you've created a note, you can choose the Smart create option to convert it into a time entry, disbursement, email, etc. 

Recent Activity

This panel shows you a history of activities in Actionstep. You can review what you and other staff have done as well as review notifications when people assign you tasks or you receive an email. 

Getting Started box

Found on the left-hand side of the screen, this is a good way to learn how to start using Actionstep. It covers everyday functions such as creating contacts and creating your first matter.


This panel shows the current month with today's date highlighted. You can click on any day in the calendar to open your Actionstep calendar on that day. As you create appointments and meetings, the date on the calendar will change color to serve as a reminder that you have an activity scheduled. 


The Appointments panel shows a list of all your appointments scheduled for the current day. Selecting an appointment will open it to give you more details. 


You and other Actionstep users can assign tasks to you. In this panel, you will see the tasks that are assigned to you which are due today. Click a task to view its details and mark it as complete.

Time Records

This shows a summary of the time records that you have entered for today. Selecting any time record will display your time recording options.

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Notification Center

The notification center—which is visible regardless of where you are working in Actionstep—shows you any items you may need to address. It also provides a timer, which you can use to track the billable work you are doing. 


You can click this to record your time and associate it with the work you are doing.


This shows the number of web forms that have been submitted. Click the link to review and access to the submissions. 

Portal Chat

This shows any chats that you need to review. 


This shows any documents that you have checked out. You can filter this list by all documents or just your own. 


This shows any emails that need follow-up.


This provides another quick way you can access your calendar.


This shows any overdue tasks you may have. 


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