Fee Estimates

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Fee Estimates is a feature that allows you to add an Estimate/Quote to any billable matter and track the billable hours against that matter. 

In order to access this feature, you will need to have the feature preview and early access group settings turned on.


To turn on Feature Preview:

  1. Click on "Admin" at the top of your Actionstep page
  2. Click on the "General Settings" box
  3. Scroll down to the Feature Preview Section 
  4. If the "Enable" switch is not on, toggle it to "On"
  5. Toggle the "Early Access Group" switch to  "On"
  6. Toggle the "Fee Estimates and Alerts" switch to "On"
  7. Click "Save".


Fee Summary

When you open up a billable matter you will now see a fee summary box - this includes not only the fee estimate/quote amount but also the WIP and what has been billed so that you can track them against the estimate/quote.


Adding A Fee Estimate/Quote

  1. Click on the "Add estimate" button found in your Fee Summary panel.
  2. Add your quoted/estimate amount (You can change this at any time)
  3. Set the "Quoted amount includes"  to "Fees Only"
  4. By ticking the box "get notified when the matter reaches 80% of the quote" you will receive an email alert when the matter gets to the 80% mark of the quote/estimate. 
  5. Add the users that you want to be notified when it reaches 80%
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save".
"Quoted Amount" is to exclude GST/Sales Tax.



When you go back to the Fee Summary panel you will now see the information has been updated.


When you add time entries against the matter it will update in the Fee Summary panel.

The Colour of the indication line will change as you get closer to the fee estimate/quote amount.   

Yellow will indicate that you have gone over the 80% mark.                                                          


Red will indicate you have gone over 100%.



* When you bill/invoice your time entries your amount of WIP will change and the value billed to move to Billed.

The invoiced figure is the value of the time records, less any discounts applied to bills. Fee adjustments are not accounted for.




Q. I have enabled the feature why is the fee estimate summary box not showing?

A. Make sure to go into one matter and click on matter billing options and then click on get notified when the matter reaches 80% of the estimate and add at least one user to be notified. You should then be able to see the fee summary box on every matter's homepage. If this does not work try the next solution below. 




Q. I have enabled the feature why is the fee estimate summary panel not showing?

A. Sometimes depending on your settings the fee estimates box may not show automatically if this happens go to one matter (any matter) homepage and click on the configure panels button and then click on fee summary this will show the fee summary box on the homepage of every matter. 



Q. I do not have the Configure Panel option on my matter.  Now, what do I do? 

A. If you do not have the option to click on the configure panel button you will need to ask your administrator to enable the Fee Summary Panel. To do this your administrator needs to go to Admin > Users and Permissions > Matter overview panels and configure the correct system role and matter type to enable that panel to show on the matter's homepage. An example of this is below, this will make sure the panel appears in Column 1  - Row 1. 



Q. I have LEDES billing enabled however the system will not let me save a fee estimate so I can't get the feature to work? 

A. Unfortunately LEDES billing is configured so that you cannot load a fee estimate against a matter that has it enabled. Our product team is aware of this limitation however if you would like to request this as a product feature request please raise a support ticket and let our team know. 


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