Disbursement Templates

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The Disbursement Templates give users the ability to create a pre-defined set of Disbursements to save time (and error). Disbursements can be created against a matter by adding a line to the timesheet for the day while working or they can be added specifically to the matter. 

These Disbursements are sometimes referred to as "Soft Disbursements". This is not the same functionality as creating a disbursement (purchase recharge) from an Expense charged on a Supplier Invoice.


To access your list of Expense/Disbursement Templates:

Go to

Admin > Billing > Expense/Disbursement Templates


NOTE: This article uses the term "Disbursements". In your system, these may be called "Expenses". 




Adding a disbursement template

Let's use an example to add a common disbursement. Let's use "Search Fee" where we are always charged $8.00 including sales tax.

Press on the Create new template button.



You will then be presented with this screen to update. Once updated press save and this disbursement template will be available. 


DescriptionDescription of the disbursement (note: this will appear on the invoice)
Unit of MeasureDropdown list (Each or Hour)
Sort Order

Here you can insert a number for example, 10, 20 or 30 so you can arrange your disbursements in order of most used. 


TIP: Remember to range the numbers by ten so you can fit disbursements in between (for example if the first template is 10, then next is 20 - and then later you want to add another one but it should appear between the first two you, can number it 15. If you number them 1 and then 2 - you will have to change the numbering to add one in between in the future and the lower the number, the higher up in the list it will appear. 


Amount per Unit (USD)Cost of the disbursement 
Is this amount inclusive of Tax? Tick box if inclusive of tax. If not inclusive of tax, do not tick the box. The tax amount used will depend on the option chosen in Tax Code. 
Default QuantityYou can enter a quantity - normally it would be one (for a template) but for example, if you have completed 6 property searches you could enter 6 and add them at once rather than six times. 
Income Options 
UTBMS Expense CodeThe UTBMS code if you use them. These are not required. 
Account Code

When this is charged to the client, which GL account it will post to.

NOTE: In some cases, you may elect for this to be a clearing account to offset the cost - it does not need to be an income account unless you are using Xero 


Tax code

The tax code applicable to the Disbursement.

Note for Xero users: Xero requires that the tax code maps correctly to the defined account code in Xero so if you are charging tax, the income account must be a tax applicable account in Xero.



TIP: You can also set up a disbursement template if you charge a percentage for something. For example, you might charge an administration fee that is 3% of your professional fees. You can create a disbursement template labelled "Admin Fee" for the quantity of 1 and charge 0.03. When you enter the disbursement against the matter you can enter the professional fee into the quantity. For example, let's say you have charged a $1,000 professional fee - if you enter in 1,000 for the quantity the system will then multiple 1000 x 0.03 = $30 which is your admin fee. 


Edit/Delete an existing disbursement template 

To make changes to an existing Template simply click the template in the list and edit the required fields and Save or press the Delete button to delete. 




Using the disbursement template

Users are able to add disbursements from a variety of places for more information see here: Entering Disbursements

When a user selects to enter a disbursement, they can choose a disbursement template from the dropdown to save time and reduce errors. 


TIP: You can enter a disbursement template straight from the disbursements screen below as well. 



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