Introduction to the Xero Integration

Modified on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 09:20 PM

In this article, you will learn more about the integration between Actionstep and Xero. There are several links to more detailed articles in each section.



The Xero integration allows you to push billing information from Actionstep through to Xero. The integration is 'one-way', which means that anything entered into Actionstep is copied through to Xero, but any data entered into Xero directly does not get pushed through to Actionstep.


For more information on how the integration works, please refer to our article - Xero FAQs


You will need to map links between your accounts in Actionstep and Xero, so that Xero knows how to allocate the entries pushed through from Actionstep.


For more information on configuring the integration, please refer to our article - Xero Configuration in Actionstep Practice Pro + Accounting


Error Messages/Troubleshooting

You may occasionally receive error messages when trying to process transactions that will be pushed through to Xero via the integration. This can happen for several different reasons, including but not limited to:


  • A bill having already been paid or written off in Xero

  • A reference # missing from one of the accounts set up in Xero

  • The API server responsible for the integration being offline or unstable

For more information on these messages and how you can troubleshoot them, please refer to our article - Xero Error Messages/Troubleshooting


Xero Trial Accounts


Do NOT connect a Xero trial account to an Actionstep system that will later need to use a live Xero account. 

If a trial account is connected and later becomes invalid, a new Actionstep system will need to be created and a new Xero account connected.


When a Xero account is connected to Actionstep, accounts are allocated to specific accounting and billing functions. The first connected Xero account will write these accounts to Actionstep. Replacing the Xero account will not overwrite the accounts, creating a discrepancy between Xero and the available accounts in Actionstep.



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