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In the step actions section, you can choose what will happen as a user moves a matter to this step. For each switch that is displayed, there will be a number of options to choose what is created, what the user is prompted to do or what is allowed to happen on this step. 



For the parties options to show please switch the parties section to "On".


The parties section will appear at the bottom of your screen:


Here, you choose which parties to your matter (also called Participant types) you want to prompt your users to populate when they move to this step. 

You can choose which types are shown, if they are required and what order they will be shown in.

TIP: Sometimes your users will only know the identity of some parties at a certain stage. You can keep the Step Change screen simple for users to use by making sure you only prompt them to enter contacts who would be relevant for that step of the matter.


Adding Parties

To add a new party to the step change:

  1. Click the Add row button.
  2. From the Participant type drop-down, select the party you want to add. (When selecting the participant type from the drop-down the participant types will be displayed alphabetically.

    They will also be grouped. At the top will be all the participant types who are currently setup to be entered on the matter type. After that, will be displayed all participant types in your system. Selecting a participant type that is not currently added to your matter type will add it to your matter type.)

  3. Tick if they are required. (A participant type that is Required means that the user will have to populate a contact against that party type to be able to move to the step in question.)
  4. Enter the display order they should appear in. (The display order chooses the order that items will be displayed in. Each participant type is assigned its own display order number. A participant type with a lower display order number will appear before a participant type with a higher display order number. For example, if 'Client is given a display order value of '20' and 'Lawyer' is given a display order '10', the Lawyer will be displayed before the Client.)
  5. Click Save.


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